301 Stainless Steel


Overview of 301 Stainless Steel

301 stainless steel is a type of hardenable austenitic stainless steel with high strength, moderate corrosion resistance and good formability.

It is the most widely used in many industries as its properties make it an excellent choice for various applications.

The 301 grade steel has been known by many names over the years including SUS301, ASTM 301 or EN 1.4310.

Among stainless steels materials, 301 is the steel grade that is most easily strengthened by cold deformation.

Through cold deformation processing, the strength and hardness of 301 steel can be improved, and sufficient plasticity and toughness can be retained.

301 stainless steel is not recommended for corrosive harsh environments.

301 grade is mainly used in cold-worked state for equipment parts that bear higher loads, but also want to reduce the weight of the equipment and not rust.

In addition, this steel is prone to work hardening when it is impacted by external forces, which can absorb more impact energy and provide more reliable security for equipment and personnel.

Futures of 301 Stainless Steel

  1. Anti-corrosion
  2. High Strength
  3. Durable
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Good Ductility
  6. Excellent Surface Quality
  7. Excellent for deep drawing with good ductility without intermediate annealing
301 stainless steel

301 Stainless Steel Applications

  1. Industrial springs
  2. Conveyor belt
  3. Connectors
  4. Switch components
  5. Aircraft components
  6. Electric components
  7. Precision stamping parts
  8. Hardware

301 Stainless Steel Tags

  • Grade 301
  • Type 301
  • Inox 301
  • AISI 301
  • SUS 301
  • 1.4310
  • UNS S30100
  • Acero Inoxidable 301

Quality Products

301 stainless steel strip

301 Stainless Steel Strip

301 stainless steel foils

301 Stainless Steel Foil

301 stainless steel coil

301 Stainless Steel Coil

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