benefits of copper foils in transformers

Benefits Of Copper Foils In Transformers

The copper foils and strips are mostly used in transformer windings.

Transformers are static electrical devices used in transferring AC in between the circuits using electromagnetic induction process using a stable frequency.

The voltage is always reduced or increased depending on the requirement with transformers being important in stepping down or up the voltage.

Transformers comprises of different parts such as the coil, conservator, tap changer, core, insulating materials, windings, oil, explosion vent, breather, cooling tubes and much more.

In this article, we will be taking you through some of benefits of copper foils in transformers.

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Transformer winding comprises of different copper coil bundles turns.

Every copper foil bundle is always connected to a winding form. The windings depend on the supply input and output on the voltage range.

There are two types of transformer windings; primary and secondary winding. The transformer primary winding receives electrical energy from the source while in the transformer secondary winding, electrical energy is transmitted to the load.

How Copper Foils Used In Transformer Coil Winding?

Transformer copper coils are considered to be the most important part when it comes to manufacturing of transformers.

The copper coils are majorly used in connecting the transformer core to the output terminals.

The copper foil strip is made from an oxygen free and high quality copper that has excellent conductivity, low temperature rise and tiny contact resistance. This feature ensures it is capable of effectively reducing loss of power and ensuring the transformer is stable on a long term basis.

Using insulated materials like polypropylene film, polyesterimide film and polyester film of high quality, the copper foil of the transformer will be made into double sided coat product using vacuum coating technology.

These materials are known to be excellent electrical insulators and have strong mechanical strength. They are capable of meeting the strong transformers winding requirements under varying voltage grades.

Copper foil is the first and most important material when it comes to manufacturing of transformers. Apart from being the basic raw material, it also plays an important role in determining the transformer winding quality.

The shape and size of the copper foil have a direct relation with the transformers properties. Copper foils are a special copper strip rectangular in shape and has specific length, thickness and width.

Copper foil surfaces are flat and smooth and has a trapezoidal or rectangular cross section. Copper foil product method comprises of hot rolling, cold rolling and casting.

The copper foils can also be used in instrument transformers, current transformers and other devices that need precise winding apart from the power transformers.

Which Grade Copper Foil Is Used For An Oil-Type Distribution Transformer?

Copper foil C11000 is mainly used in the oil-type distribution transformer.

The C11000 copper foil is made from red copper having 99.95% purity.

C11000 copper foil thickness ranges from 0.01mm to 3.0mm with the width ranging from 5mm to 1200mm.

It has an International annealed copper standard of 99.80% as its minimum conductivity and it can easily be supplied in different tempers.

This C11000 copper foil has low resistance low, great electrical conductivity and superior quality of the surface. It is mainly used as the winding wire in high frequency and reactor transformer.

What Is C11000 Copper Foil Used For In Transformer Winding?

The transformers winding C11000 copper foils are made of oxygen free and high quality copper.

The use of copper ensures they have a great weldability and conductivity. Copper foils have a clean, smooth and flat surface that is free from any scratches.

The C11000 copper foils together with the transformers have a low no load current levels of noise and great performance in heat dissipation.

Grade C11000 copper foils are very popular in the manufacture of transformers and other types of electrical devices.

Why Do We Use Copper Foil Strip For HV Transformer Winding?

The current flow in the copper foil strip is more uniform in HV transformer winding due to the high levels of conductivity of the copper foil strips.

A high copper content in the transformers will increase efficiency of energy and lower its lifespan cost.

HV Transformer Winding copper foil strips have less resistance to mechanical failure when compared to aluminum strips used in transformers.

The distribution transformers that use copper foil strips are light in weight and smaller when compared to the aluminum strips having the same energy efficiency and capacity.

The copper foil strips electrical conductivity is much more than in other metals.

This is because copper is much stronger and capable of carrying up to two times the amount of current as in other metals.

Benefits of Copper Foils in Transformer Coil Winding

Copper foil strips are very popular in transformer coil winding. Here are some of the benefits that come with using the copper foils in transformer coil winding:

High conductivity: The high electrical conductivity of copper foils is an assurance that the transformer will work well.

Low levels of thermal resistance: Copper foils low thermal resistance reduces fire outbreak chances since it will help in ensuring all the transformer parts are cool whenever it is in operation.

Long lasting: Copper foils are made from materials capable of withstanding stress and high temperatures. This makes them more durable when compared to other foil types.

Affordable: Use of copper foil in transformer coil winding is cost effective when compared to the other options available in the market. This makes copper foils a better option for those with limited budget.


Copper is a malleable and soft metal that can be used in different ways.

The copper foil is an important material in transformers.

The copper foil can also be shaped into different creative ways with ease.

The copper foils are the best material you can use in transformers since they have low thermal resistance levels, have high conductivity, are long lasting and cost effective.

Finally, copper foils are undoubtedly better for transformer winding than other metals strips, such as stainless steel strips, titanium strips.

Copper foils are very popular in transformers industries for high conductivity and corrosion resistance.

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