brushed stainless steel strip

What Is Brushed Stainless Steel Strip?

There are different products that are made from the brushed stainless steel strip due to its strength and aesthetic appeal.

Brushed stainless steel strips are well scratched and abraded using fine sandpaper creating a textured pattern in most cases running lines in the same direction.

The brushed stainless steel strip can be used for different applications ranging from manufacture of motorcycle and automobile body parts to kitchen appliances.

Shaping brushed stainless steel strip is very easy and it is also very long lasting and durable.

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Brushed stainless steel strip refers to stainless steel strip that has a dull polish achieved through friction.

It is where stainless steel is polished using a bristle brush on a wheel or belt capable of moving in the same direction the entire time.

Brushed stainless steel strip is softened using a medium non-woven pad or abrasive belt or a gearless compound.

The brushing will create a matte sheen and dull color on the steel.

During the brushing procedure, stainless steel will lose its capability of reflecting light.

The steel retains some of the luster and gains fine lines during the brushing process. This gives it a distinctive appearance that is always preferred when decorating items.

Why Brushed Stainless Steel Strip Is Mostly Used In Home Appliances?

Brushed stainless steel strips comprises of extra properties that makes it an important material for engineers, architects and designers in the modern society.

Here are some of the reasons why brushed stainless steel strip is popularly used in home appliances:

Resistant to rust: Stainless steel is well known for its capability to resist rust and other corrosion forms. There are different stainless steel strip grades that are suitable for certain application like resisting corrosive effects of chemical exposures and saltwater.

Strength: Brushed stainless steel strips retain lots of the regular steel’s overall strength. This makes it possible to be used for a wide range of hardness and strength projects like construction projects.

Chemically Customizable: Iron and carbon combination produces steel. Addition of chromium to the two leads up to stainless steel. Most material engineers do vary the quantities of each element with some adding extra elements like phosphorus and manganese to help come up with different stainless steel strip types possessing properties well suited for specific project.

Great Aesthetic Appeal: Brushed stainless steel strips are very popular in home and architectural applications due to its high durability levels and great aesthetic appeal.

Difference between Brushed Stainless Steel Strip and Polished Stainless Steel Strip

Brushed stainless steel strips refer to metal types with a dull polish achieved through friction.

Polished stainless steel strips are finished stainless steel strip types with shiny surface.

The main difference between the brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel strip is that the prior one has a rough surface with the latter having a shiny and smooth surface.

Benefits of Brushed Stainless Steel Strip

Here are some of the main benefits brushed stainless steel strip has to offer:

  • Silk Texture Luster: Brushed stainless steel surface has several hairline pattern that makes it has a silk texture feeling. Although the surface lacks less reflecting ability, it still offers metallic luster that will leave the dull and matte witnessed on it. The effect will present a sleek appearance with classic and stylish touches while the distinctive style will be great for decorative tasks.
  • Easy to Clean: Brushed stainless steel strip is very easy to clean and maintain. Its matte surface is capable of hiding sweat stains and finger prints whenever people touch it. This will help save lots of time and effort when cleaning products made from brushed stainless steel strip. This makes it an excellent option for use in bathrooms, kitchens and any other application where regular cleaning is necessary.
  • Strength: Brushed stainless steel is very tough, durable and long lasting making it resistance to strong impact. This material does not require lots of material to be used in forming its structure despite its high strength feature.
  • Resistance to corrosion: Brushed stainless steel strip has high resistance to rust and corrosion. It can comfortably withstand moisture, water, saline air and rust. Stainless steel strip comprises of elements like chromium that helps create a resistant layer making it capable of resisting corrosion and rust. Other elements that helps the brushed stainless steel be resistant to rust and corrosion are nickel, molybdenum, titanium and much more.

How To Produce Brushed Stainless Steel Strip In Factory?

Brushed stainless steel strip production process starts with brushing of stainless steel sheet or plate using a grit abrasive.

Thereafter, protective coating is applied to help prevent tarnishing of the finished piece.

After the application of the protection layer, brushed finish application process can start.

Abrasive material is thereafter moved over the surface of the stainless steel material in cross section pattern. However, the process is easy and can be done using simple tools.

The final stainless steel product will have a beautiful and uniform appearance provided the process was correctly done.

The final product will be the expertise and sense of the fabricator. It is important that the right work habits like use of proper handling tools are adhered to help ensuring successful brushing of stainless steel.


Brushed stainless steel strips are excellent performers when it comes to fingerprint hiding.

These metals do have a warm tone when compared to the unfinished stainless steel that is important in blemish disguising.

These features make brushed stainless steel great option for most home appliances.

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