Continuous Bright Annealing Capabilities

Continuous Bright Annealing Line Full Support

Bright annealing oven equipped with state-of-the-art technology control system to assure consistent bright annealing properties and smooth surface quality. As you know, the continuous annealing line can help speed the production process. It can save us more time compared with not in-annealing line furnaces.

Austenitic grade stainless steel strips mother coils hardness is around 150HV to 180HV. After annealing process, it can be achieved high hardness with smooth bright surface finish.

These technology support allow us to satisfy the most precision requirements of advanced industries like aerospace components, hypodermic needles and tact switch parts.


Other Surface Finish Capabilities

NO.1 Hot Rolled Finish, 2B Cold Rolled Finish, BA, No.4, 8K (Mirror), HL (Hairline), Polishing Bright, etc.


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