Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips

customized gr2 titanium strips

Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips

Customized Gr2 titanium strips are narrow strips of titanium with high strength and low density, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, light weight and other characteristics.

It is mainly used to manufacture aircraft engines, airframes and components.

Customized Gr2 titanium strips are also widely used in ships, automobiles, industrial machinery, chemical equipment and so on.

Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips Specifications

Product NameCustomized Gr2 titanium strips
Titanium TypeCommercially pure(CP) / Titanium alloy
StandardsASTM B265
Ti (Min)95%
Quantity Tolerance±10%
Paper Core Internal
Ø 150mm,Ø300mm, Ø400mm, Ø500mm paper core, special internal diameter core and without paper core on
special request
Surface Treatment Acid surface or polishing, sand blasted surface
ApplicationsHeat exchangers and condensers
Offshore aquaculture
Chemical Industry
Electroplating equipment
Precision instruments
Environmental protection equipment
Auto industry
Medical and Sports industry
Electric power industry
Seawater desalination industry
PackagingWooden pallet/Wooden case
Payment Terms30% TT deposit and 70% balance before shipment, 100% LC at sight
Delivery Time7-10 working days
MOQ500 Kgs
Shipping PortShanghai/Ningbo port
SampleThe sample of titanium strip is available
RemarkTitanium strip can be customized

Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips Chemical Compositions

Gr2 Titanium Strips Chemical Compositions

Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips Mechanical Properties

Gr2 Titanium Strips Mechanical Properties
GradeTensil strength(≥)Yeild strength(≥)Elongation(≥)%

How Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips Are Made?

The process of making Gr2 titanium strips is a very important part of the titanium industry.

The production process of Gr2 titanium strips is as follows:

1. The raw material enters the furnace and heats up to remove impurities;

2. The ingot is cut into thick plates;

3. Put the thick plate into a cold rolling mill for rough rolling;

4. Put it into a hot rolling mill for finishing;

5. Annealing by heating and holding at a certain temperature;

6. Cutting outside by shearing machine;

7. Packaging and transportation

Customized Gr2 Titanium Strips: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide to customized Gr2 titanium strips we are going to cover material usage, weldability, mechanical properties, and whatever other specific characteristics you need to know about Gr2 titanium strips.

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What are customized Gr2 titanium strips?

Titanium Grade 2 strips, are also known as UNS R50400 strips.

they are the most often used titanium grade, and are utilized in a wide range of applications. This unalloyed titanium grade has superior corrosion resistance and high strength. Titanium Grade 2 also has excellent weldability and fabricability.

Titanium Grade 2 strips are the most commercially pure alloy of all the grades and is often used in Aerospace, Medical, Marine and Chemical Processing applications.

Gr2 titanium strips performance:

1. Corrosion resistance: Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of chemical media such as acid and alkali. The general corrosion resistance of titanium strip is intermediate between stainless steel strips and nickel alloys strips, but its corrosion resistance to specific chemical medium is superior to that of stainless steel and nickel alloy.

2. High strength

3. Excellent wear resistance

4. High heat transfer performance

5. Good formability

6. Light weight

What are the applications of customized Gr2 titanium strips?

As we all know, titanium strip has high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and good mechanical properties. Titanium strip is widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields.

What are the advantages of using customized Gr2 titanium strips?

The titanium strip is a very common material in the metal industry, and it is widely used. The Gr2 titanium strip has a good corrosion resistance, so its use is also more extensive.

So what are the advantages of using customized Gr2 titanium strip?

1. High strength and light weight

The density of Gr2 titanium strip is only 4.5g/cm3, but has high strength, can withstand 50kg or more than the weight of the object; Titanium alloy is 60% lighter than steel, while its strength is higher than that of stainless steel strip.

2. Good resistance to seawater corrosion

Gr2 titanium strip has good corrosion resistance to seawater, and its corrosion resistance is second only to nickel-based alloys. The content of iron in titanium is as low as 0.25%, which greatly improves the resistance to seawater corrosion, especially for ships at sea for a long time, and can avoid the occurrence of rust due to iron oxidation on ships in seawater.

3. Excellent processing performance

Compared with other metals with similar strength, Gr2 titanium strips have excellent machinability, thus reducing tool wear and extending tool life by 20%. When used in medical devices such as artificial limbs, it will not cause harm or discomfort.

How to buy customized Gr2 titanium strips from China?

If you want to buy customized Gr2 titanium strips for industrial usage, you should know, there are many suppliers and manufacturers produce titanium strips and supply to many industries like heat exchanger or chemical industry.

But in fact, not all the suppliers have the ability to produce good quality products, some of them just choose cheaper materials but with high price which is not a good choice for users.

Here is a quick guide on how to choose a good Gr2 titanium strip supplier.

  • First, you should ask the manufacturer whether they can do the inspection themselves before delivery. Most of the large manufacturers have their own inspection team, they will strictly inspect all the goods before delivery.
  • Second, you should ask if they use 100% pure raw material to produce your goods, because there are some suppliers use recycled raw material or mixed raw material which may cause problem during using.
  • Third, it is better to visit their factory by yourself and check the production line and warehouse by yourself. It will be great if you can check their production process and production equipment. Because it is very important for you to know how they control the quality from process till delivery.

What is the hardness of customized Gr2 titanium strips?

The typical hardness for the Gr2 titanium strip material must determinate after annealing process (160-200HV).

What is the packaging standard of Gr2 titanium strips for industrial usage?

  • Wooden Pallet: Standard export package, no fumigation; Pallet size: 1.1m x 1.1m x 0.8m; Gross weight: 1 Ton; 4 pallets/20′ FCL; 8 pallets/40′ FCL Or as per customer’s requirements.
  • Wooden Box: The standard export package with fumigation certificate, it can avoid any potential damage during the transportation.

What is the hs code of customized Gr2 titanium strips?

To find out the detailed HS code of related titanium strips, you need to determine the specifications and applications of the alloy strips.

The following are the part of Gr2 titanium strips.
HS code: 81089031.00

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