Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip

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What Is Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip

ferritic 443 stainless steel strip

443 stainless steel strip is a kind of ferritic stainless steel strips. It is now generally used to replace 304 stainless steel strip. Its anti-rust ability and processing performance are equivalent to 304 strips.

It contains 21% chromium and very low carbon content. The low carbon content keeps the corrosion resistance as high as possible. It has excellent formability and weldability.

What Are Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip Applications

These 443 stainless steel strips can be offered in made to order length sizes and shapes, and are available at market competitive prices.

Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strips Applications:

1. Automotive Industry: exhaust purification devices

2. Kitchen utensils and appliances

3. Chemical equipment

4. Architectural applications: roofing, siding, rainwater goods, facades, partitions and suspended ceilings

Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition of Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip

Features of Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance
  2. Good formability and weldability
  3. Good physical properties
  4. Wide variety of surface finishes

What Is Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip Packaging

Our company have professional team who can adopt developed packaging technology to assure no any damages of 443 stainless steel strips products during transportation.

  • Standard export packaging:
    Waterproof Paper Winding+PVC Film+Strap Banding+Wooden Pallet or Wooden Case;
  • Customized packaging as your request (Logo or other contents accepted to be printed on the packaging);
  • Other special packaging will be designed as customer’s request;
  • Eye to wall and eye to sky are both available;
  • By International Express: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/EMS and our own express line;
  • By air or By sea;
  • Shipping port: Shanghai, Ningbo or as your request.

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