grade 3003 aluminum strips vs 3004 aluminum strips

Grade 3003 Aluminum Strips Vs. 3004 Aluminum Strips

Grade 3003 and 3004 aluminum strips are very common in construction. Aluminum strip is a very popular metal that is used in different applications in the modern world.

It has strong production, corporate capital strength and development and research capabilities.

Different aluminum alloys can make a wide variety of in-demand products. Smartphones, marine gear, HVAC, automotive parts all use a certain percentage of aluminum.

Architects, scientists and designers use aluminum for different reasons such as energy savings, flexibility and high weight to strength ratio.

Aluminum strips products are very common in electric locomotives, aerospace, ship building, chemical processing, decoration, military, power and other industries.

Although grade 3003 and 3004 aluminum strips are similar in content and in outside, there are slight variations which make them suitable for different applications.

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Grade 3003 aluminum strip is a very popular aluminum alloy.

It comprises of iron, aluminum, manganese, copper, zinc and silicon. Most people prefer using it due to its medium strength and strong corrosion resistance.

3003 aluminum strip is much stronger as it fuses with manganese. Cold working will help increase 3003 aluminum strip strength.

3003 aluminum strip workability makes it an excellent aluminum alloy. Processing it for different applications is pretty easy and can easily be formed through cold working or hot working.

Traditional welding methods can be used to help shape the grade 3003 aluminum strip. It is possible to weld 3003 aluminum strip to other aluminum alloys like 6062, 5052 and 6061.

Although grade 3003 aluminum cannot be treated using heat, it can be forged from 500 to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermal processing aluminum is much easier when heat is applied within the range.

Cold working is very easy as it can be done using conventional methods. Whenever you are annealing aluminum alloy either during or after cold working, you need to ensure that it is done at 775 degrees Fahrenheit.

This will ensure it has enough time to thoroughly heat up before air cooling. It can either be spinning, deep drawn or brazing.

What Is Grade 3004 Aluminum Strip?

Grade 3004 aluminum strip refers to an alloy that is in the forged manganese aluminum series.

It is very much similar to the 3003 aluminum strip expect that there is an addition of an extra 1% of manganese.

It is possible to cold work 3004 aluminum strip to produce a temper with low ductility and higher strength.

Compared to other manganese- aluminum alloys, 3004 aluminum strip is a general purpose alloy that has high corrosion resistance, good workability and medium strength.

3004 aluminum strip is extruded and rolled although it is never forged.

With good oxidation and punch ability, the 3004 aluminum strip can be anodized to help improve its wear resistance and hardness while giving a colorful and bright surface.

Grade 3003 Aluminum Strip Vs. Grade 3004 Aluminum Strip Comparison

Aluminum is a very common metal in almost every industry.

3004 aluminum strip and 3004 aluminum strip are differently used in relation to the different services a customer requires.

There are some important differences between 3003 aluminum strip and 3004 aluminum strip that you should know.

3003 aluminum Strip comprises of aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, silicon and manganese.

3004 aluminum strip contains the same components as 3003 aluminum strip. However, 3004 aluminum strip has an extra 1% of manganese added to it.

3004 aluminum strip can be formed using either cold working or hot working. 3004 aluminum strip can only be formed by cold working.

What are the grade 3003 aluminum strip and grade 3004 aluminum strip applications?

Grade 3003 aluminum strip and grade 3004 aluminum strip can be used for different applications.

Grade 3003 Aluminum Strip Applications

  • Hinges
  • HVAC
  • Siding and Roofing
  • Radiators
  • Gutters
  • Heat Shields
  • Condensers
  • Downspouts
  • Evaporators

Grade 3004 Aluminum Strip Applications

  • Plate Processing
  • Kitchen Utensils and appliances
  • Cable Pipes
  • Transport Tank
  • Chemical and food products
  • Cable pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Lanterns and Lamps parts

Which One Between Grade 3003 Aluminum Strip And Grade 3004 Aluminum Strip Is Better?

Grade 3004 aluminum strip is much stronger when compared to the grade 3003 aluminum strip.

3004 aluminum strip has great corrosion resistance and excellent formability.

Density formula in calculation grade 3003 aluminum strip is 0.00000272*Width (mm)* length (mm)*height (mm).

Grade 3004 aluminum strip comprises all the components that are available in the grade 3003 aluminum strip.

However, the strength of 3004 aluminum strip is better when compared to the 3004 aluminum strip.

3004 aluminum strip is better than the 3003 aluminum strip in terms of solubility, formability and corrosion resistance. That explains why most people abandon the use of 3003 aluminum strip and resort to using the 3004 aluminum strip.

In real life application, it is highly recommend that you go for the right aluminum strip in relation to your needs and the project you will be working on.


Both grade 3003 aluminum strip and grade 3004 aluminum strip has great properties.

Although there are certain characteristics that might be of great importance depending on which aluminum grade and application it is being used.

Regardless of which aluminum strip is better, they allow perform well when used in their right application.

Before you make a decision on which one between grade 3003 aluminum strip and grade 3004 aluminum strip, it is important that you know the aluminum working purpose condition and make contact with the supplier.

The supplier’s technical team will help recommend the right grade between 3003 aluminum strip and 3004 aluminum strip to use.

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