history duplex 2205 and 2507 stainless steel

The History Of Duplex 2205 And 2507 Stainless Steel

Duplex 2205 and 2507 stainless steel is an alloy which combines many of the most beneficial properties of ferritic steel and austenitic steel.

Due to the high content of chromium and molybdenum, the steel has excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and uniform corrosion.

The Brief History And Development Of Duplex 2205 And 2507 Stainless Steel

The development of duplex steel originated in the 1930s.

In 1936, a steel grade named Uranus50 obtained the first patent for duplex steel in France.

So far, three generations of CV548 have been developed for duplex steel.

The first generation of duplex steel is represented by 3RE60 from Sweden and AISI329 from the United States.

3RE60 is a duplex steel specially developed to improve the resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking.

AISI329 duplex steel is widely used in heat exchanger piping of nitric acid plant.

The first generation of duplex steel has good performance characteristics, but has limitations in the welded state.

The heat-affected zone of the weld has low toughness due to excessive ferrite, and the corrosion resistance is significantly lower than that of the base metal.

These limitations make the application of the first-generation duplex steel limited to some specific applications in the non-welded state.

In 1968, the invention of stainless steel refining process-argon oxygen decarburization made it possible to produce a series of new stainless steel grades.

One of the many advancements brought about by AOD is the addition of alloying element nitrogen.

The addition of nitrogen to the duplex steel can make the toughness and corrosion resistance of the heat-affected zone in the welded state close to the performance of the base metal, and nitrogen also reduces the formation rate of harmful intermetallic phases.

Nitrogen-containing duplex steels are called second-generation duplex steels.

2205 duplex stainless steel is the representative steel grade of the second-generation duplex steel and is widely used in offshore oil platforms, chemicals, papermaking and other fields.

The super duplex steel developed in the late 1980s belongs to the third generation of duplex steel.

The representative grades are 2507 duplex stainless steel, UR52N, Zeron100, etc.

The characteristics of this type of steel are low carbon content, high molybdenum and high nitrogen.

This type of steel has excellent pitting corrosion resistance. The pitting equivalent is greater than 40.

Duplex 2205 And 2507 Stainless Steel Global Suppliers

Judging from the current level of research and production, Europe and the United States are at the leading level in the development and production of duplex stainless steel and the degree of user recognition.

The representative companies include Sweden’s Outokumpu, Sandvik, and American suppliers.

In Asia, Japan Nippon Steel and South Korea are the main producers of duplex stainless steel.

Duplex 2205 And 2507 Stainless Steel History And Development In China

China research on duplex steel began in the mid-1970s.

The Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute was the first to start research in this area, and the 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 developed has been included in the chinese G/B national standard.

Currently, TISCO and Baowu can supply commercial materials in China.

TISCO began to develop 2205 duplex stainless steel in the late 1990s and launched its products on the market in 2005.

Baowu also began to develop Cr22 duplex steel in 2006.

It is worth noting that some large China private enterprises are also at the forefront of the development and promotion of duplex steel, such as Jiuli Group and Wujin Steel Pipe.

In recent years, as Nickel prices continue to rise and fluctuate sharply, duplex steel has shown a trend of development at both ends.

First, give full play to the advantages of duplex steel resource saving, develop economical duplex steel such as 2101, its development direction is to replace the traditional 300 series austenitic stainless steel.

Second. It is to give full play to the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance of duplex steel, develop super duplex stainless steel represented by 2507, and partially replace super austenitic stainless steel 904L, 254SMo, 654SMo, 253MA, etc.

In China, duplex steel is currently dominated by 2205, economical duplex stainless steel and super duplex stainless steel 2507 are continuously increasing, and the production of super duplex stainless steel is in a state of continuous trial production and application.

The field of application is also constantly expanding.

Duplex 2205 And 2507 Stainless Steel Today

While further consolidating applications in the petrochemical industry, it has continuously expanded its applications in the fields of oil and gas transportation, chemical tanker manufacturing, nuclear power, equipment manufacturing, and construction, and continues to open up the international market.

From the development of duplex steel at home and abroad, it can be seen that 2507 duplex stainless steel is a resource-saving and high performance stainless steel product, and its production and application are in line with the future development direction of stainless steel.

Duplex steel is a high-value-added product. Its development and production not only reflect the technical level of stainless steel manufacturers, but also create more economic benefits for the company.

Though duplex stainless steel is a small portion of the modern stainless steel consuming market, but it is very effective for its purposes.

This special steel is used to make everything from pipelines, to finned tubes, to water storage tanks and distribution pipes, and so more.

As more advancements are made, more and more industries should be able to reap the benefits from duplex stainless steel.

Its high strength and good corrosion resistance at such an affordable price make it a very valuable material in future.

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