How To Manufacture 1 Piece Stainless Steel Welded Pipe?

Stainless steel welded pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, environmental protection and strong decoration, and it is widely used in the market.

Do you know how the stainless steel welded pipe is produced?

Generally there are two manufacturing methods for producing stainless steel welded pipe.

The first one, they can be produced from large coils of stainless steel strip, which is welded without interruption. This is called continuous production.

Second, they can be produced in large sizes, one piece at a time, which is called batch production.

If you are the beginner of this area, you will be an expert through this article.

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Before we share the production process of stainless steel welded pipe for you, you could get a quick glance for below video process.

1. Order Stainless Steel Strips

It is the raw material of stainless steel strip before processing.

Steel mills supply strips coils products according to pipe customer needs.

2. Rolling And Bright Annealing Process

The first time rolling process: Our workers operate the advanced mill calender to make the hot rolled stainless steel mother coil with a thickness of 2.0mm~3.0mm into a stainless steel strip coil with a thickness range of 0.2mm~1.0mm.

The first time bright annealing process: The 0.2mm~1.0mm thickness stainless steel strip is processed for bright annealing treatment. The strip can be fast cooled by the the continuous annealing line. The traveling speed of the stainless steel strip on the line is around 60m~80m/min.

The second time rolling process: After first time bright annealing process, continuing rolling the stainless steel strip with 0.2mm~1.0mm thickness into a new stainless steel strip with a thickness of 0.1mm~0.3mm.

The third time rolling process: After second time bright annealing process, continuing rolling the stainless steel strip with 0.1mm~0.3mm thickness into a new stainless steel strip with a thickness of 0.06mm~0.15mm.

The forth time rolling process: After third time bright annealing process, continuing rolling the stainless steel strip with 0.06mm~0.15mm thickness into a new stainless steel strip foil with a thickness of 0.02mm~0.1mm.

After the stainless steel coil is rerolled, its material distribution is not uniform, the physical properties are not up to standard, and the toughness is not enough. So it needs to be annealed-go through a 1000-degree high-temperature furnace again to restore its normal stainless steel properties.

3. Slitting

According to the outer diameter of the pipe to be produced, the stainless steel strip coil is divided into different width.

For different thickness of strip coils slitting process, the small and large slitting machines will be used.

And meantime using the small machines to cut the narrow strip coils as precision strips. Thickness is from 0.02mm to 1.0mm.

For more stainless steel strip production process, here you will be able to get a clear understanding of how to manufacture it with precision excellence technology in below article.

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4. Pipe Making

Put the finished stainless steel strip into the pipe making machine equipped with molds of different pipe diameters for production, first roll it into the corresponding shape, and then weld it together.

After welding, the weld seam can be ground and the pipes can be annealed and water quenched as specified in the applicable standard or customer specification.

The pipes are calibrated to fulfil specified dimension tolerances, followed by possibly sandblasting and acid pickling.

5. Polishing

After the pipe is welded and formed, the surface is polished by a polishing machine.

The originally blackened surface is polished by a polishing machine equipped with wax, hemp wheel and cloth wheel and polished into a bright silver color.

6. Testing And Stock

Test samples are cut from the pipe as required. The number of samples, their location, and exactly which tests are done vary based on what the customer has requested in the ordering specification.

The composition, strength, hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance will be tested at laboratory.

On the pipe itself pipe factory also perform a number of non-destructive tests such as hydro, eddy current testing, and x-ray examination to confirm weld integrity.

Then the high quality end pipes products will be packaged in warehouse.



Clearly, there are other factors to consider when we deal in the stainless steel welded pipes products production.

The precision production process will have the huge impact on finished pipes products quality, which also influences the buyer’s purchasing decisions.

With a proper understanding of every concept in this article, you can easily get a full understanding of producing one piece stainless steel welded pipe.

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