difference between 630 ステンレス鋼ストリップと 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップ

との差 630 ステンレス鋼のストリップおよび 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップ

630 ステンレス鋼のストリップおよび 631 stainless steel strips are made with ステンレス鋼コイル.

These two alloys are 95% the same in composition. There are some differences in properties.

学年 630 ステンレス鋼ストリップ have 17% クロムと 4% nickel contents and are also known as UNS 17400 と 17-4 析出硬化ストリップ.

一方で, NS 学年 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップ have 17% クロムと 7% nickel contents and are also known as UNS 17700 and 17-7PH.

NS 630 stainless steel strips are martensitic stainless steels that have undergone precipitation hardening to improve their mechanical characteristics.

熱処理後, these strips reach exceptional levels of strength and hardness.

学年 630 stainless steel strips have heat and corrosion resistance similar to 学年 304 ステンレス鋼ストリップ.

NS 631 stainless steel strips have outstanding features for strength, high hardness and elasticity, good resistance to corrosion, resistance to high temperatures, and resistance to deformation.

Strips made of 631 stainless steel offer useful property combinations that are exceptionally well-suited for aeronautical applications.


One of the most well-known and frequently employed precipitation hardening type of high strength stainless steel strips.

With copper addition, impact hardened with martensitic structure is called 17-4PH / 630 / 1.4542. High-strength qualities, such as hardness, are maintained while retaining a high level of corrosion resistance.

While maintaining reasonably excellent characteristics, 630 stainless steel strips can operate in the temperature range of -29 °C to 343 析出硬化ストリップ.

Apart from that, the materials of this grade have decent ductility and corrosion resistance.

630 stainless steel grade’s availability under solution-treated conditions, at which point they may be easily machined and age-hardened to achieve high strength, is one of its main advantages.

Cold-rolled strips are available in 17-4PH, 630 と 1.4542.

NS 630 stainless steel strips are widely used for heavy-duty mechanical parts, bushings, rotor blades, couplings, screws, drive shafts, ナッツ, and measuring devices in the aerospace, マリン, 論文, エネルギー, offshore, and food industries.

What is 631/17-7PH/1.4568 Stainless Steel Strip?

The 17-7PH/631/1.4568 stainless steel strips are among the age-hardened PH materials with the highest amounts of chromium and nickel at 17% と 7%, それぞれ.

さらに, these stainless steel strips have high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance.

これらは 631 stainless steel alloy strips also have outstanding flat spring qualities at temperatures up to 600°F (316析出硬化ストリップ).

The edge of a 17-7 PH stainless steel strip can be made as a slit or round variety, depending on the manufacturing method.

The 631/17-7PH stainless steel strips are utilized in machine constructions and parts such as valve parts, コンテナ, ばね, spring washers, food knives, diaphragms, high and low-temperature parts, 熱交換器, unique fittings, and installations.

ストリップ, wires, sheets, and bars made of 631 stainless steel are used in the aerospace, 化学, 石油化学, エネルギー, 食物, and cryogenic industries.

学年 630 ステンレス鋼ストリップvs. 学年 631 Stainless Steel Strip Comparison

NS 630 ステンレス鋼のストリップおよび 631 stainless strips are slightly similar.

しかし, there are some differences in composition and properties.

630 ステンレス鋼ストリップ

Chemical composition

の化学組成 630 stainless steel strips is given below
幅は600mm未満です 15-17%
幅は600mm未満です 3-5%
幅は600mm未満です 1%
幅は600mm未満です 1%
幅は600mm未満です 0.040%
幅は600mm未満です 0.03%
銅 3-5%
幅は600mm未満です 0.07%
Niobium +Tantalum 0.15-0.45%


Mechanical properties of 630 stainless steel strip up to 100 mm diameter/ thickness.
抗張力: 1200MPa max
降伏強さ: 1172MPa
Elongation A50: 10%
硬度, ロックウェル C:


The density of 630 stainless strips is about 7.75 g/cm³

631 ステンレス鋼ストリップ

Chemical composition

Now discuss the chemical composition of grade 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップ
幅は600mm未満です: 16-18%
幅は600mm未満です: 6.5-7.75%
幅は600mm未満です: 1%
幅は600mm未満です: 1%
幅は600mm未満です: 0.040%
幅は600mm未満です: 0.03%
幅は600mm未満です: 0.75-1.5%
幅は600mm未満です: 0.090%


グレードの機械的特性 631 stainless steel strips are given below.
抗張力: 1275MPa
降伏強さ: 1030MPa
Elongation A50: 6%
硬度, ロックウェル C


The density of 631 stainless strips is about 7.80 g/cm³

グレードは何ですか 630 Stainless Steel Strips and Grade 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップの用途?

NS 630 stainless steel strips are used in components for valves, ボルト, and gears, Dies for molding plastic, Boat propeller shafts and high-strength pump shafts, and Elements of an engine.

一般に, in situations where high strength or hardness is required, with some degree of corrosion resistance, the majority of uses are for precipitation-hardening 630 ステンレス鋼ストリップ. These strips are used in the aerospace and other high-tech industries because of their high strength. Some other important applications consist of the following:

Transfer of power High-quality engine components such as gears, バルブ, stronger shafts, steam turbine blades, and molding dies are also available.

NS 631 stainless steel strip has excellent welding performance, 強さ, and hardness. Washers and springs are the main applications for stainless steel strips of grade 631/17-7. It is employed in those applications when great strength and corrosion resistance are required. Due to its minimal thermal distortion, it is also used in complicated parts.

The aerospace, 石油化学, 化学, and petrochemical sectors, as well as the energy, 食物, and cryogenic industries, all use stainless steel 631strips. Due to its low distortion during heat treatment, it is also used in complicated parts.

Which one between Grade 630 Stainless Steel Strip and Grade 631 Stainless Steel Strip is better?

両方 630 と 631 stainless steel strips are widely used in many applications and are very popular among customers.

グレード 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップはより良いです 630 stainless steel due to extra Nickel contents and the addition of aluminum content in its composition.

The additional nickel content can increase the corrosion resistance and strength of 631 ステンレス鋼ストリップ.

The tensile and yield strength of 631 stainless steel strips is more than 630 ステンレス鋼ストリップ.


These two stainless steel strips have their importance in the industry.

NS 630 と 631 stainless steel strips have excellent corrosion resistance, 硬度, 強さ, and stability at high temperatures.

Due to excellent properties, these grades of stainless steel strips are in demand these days.

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