PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip

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What Is PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip

ph13-8mo stainless steel strip

PH13-8 Mo stainless steel strip is a martensitic precipitation stainless steel strip.

PH13-8 Mo stainless steel strip has good fabrication characteristics and can be age-hardened by a single low temperature treatment. Cold work prior to aging increases the aging, especially for lower aging tempratures.

PH13-8 Mo stainless steel strip are widely used for valve parts, fittings, cold-headed and machined parts, aircraft components, nuclear reactor components and petrochemical applications requiring resistance to stress-corrosion cracking.

Generally, this alloy strip should be considered where high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to stress-corrosion cracking are required in a steel showing minimal directionality in properties.

*PH13-8 Mo stainless steel is a registered trademark of Armco Inc.

Waht Are PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip Applications

These PH13-8Mo stainless steel strips can be offered in made to order length sizes and shapes, and are available at market competitive prices.

PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strips Applications:

  • Aerospace product uses
  • Aircraft fittings
  • Turbine blades
  • Firewall seals

PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition ( Typical Value % )

PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip Hardness

ConditionHardness HBW
Solution Treated363 max
H950430 min
H1000400 min
H1050372 min
H1100313 min
H1150283 min
H1150M302 max

What Is PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip Packaging

Our company have professional team who can adopt developed packaging technology to assure no any damages of PH13-8Mo stainless steel strips products during transportation.

  1. Standard export packaging:
    Waterproof Paper Winding+PVC Film+Strap Banding+Wooden Pallet or Wooden Case;
  2. Customized packaging as your request (Logo or other contents accepted to be printed on the packaging);
  3. Other special packaging will be designed as customer’s request;
  4. Eye to wall and eye to sky are both available;
  5. By International Express: DHL/UPS/FEDEX/EMS and our own express line;
  6. By air or By sea;
  7. Shipping port: Shanghai, Ningbo or as your request.