stainless steel strip is used in the production of shielding tubes for optical fibers cables

Stainless Steel Strip Is Used In The Production Of Shielding Tubes For Optical Fibers Cables

The main purpose of shielding tubes of optical fiber cables is to protect the cables from damage.

Stainless steel strips are the best material for manufacturing heavy-duty shielding tubes.

Stainless steel strips are known for their accuracy and excellent properties like strength, corrosion resistance, and flexibility.

A coated stainless steel strip that is wrapped longitudinally around the optical fiber cables to give additional mechanical crush resistance and weatherproofing.

These stainless steel strips are also called micro-armor. The optical fiber cables carry optical signals to send large amounts of data over vast distances at top speeds.

Therefore the protection of these optical fiber cables is necessary. For this purpose, we can make shielding tubes with stainless steel strips in different sizes and varieties according to the work requirement.

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Since glass fiber is used to convey the information, fiber-optic cabling is protected from the effects of EMI/RFI.

Options for stainless steel shielding tubing that have an effective bend radius but excellent stiffness.

Generally, it is best to use stainless steel smallest tubing that fits the fiber.

However, there are situations when using bigger tubing to protect a fiber with a greater bend radius is advantageous.

Our stainless steel strips protect the optical fiber from breaking, dust, and other external pollutants while performing the same task as a strain-relief boot.

Strips made of stainless steel can endure temperatures of up to 250°.

You must use stainless steel strips to protect the optical fibers in high-temperature conditions.

Stainless steel shielding tubes are used to ensure the maximum level of shielding and overall performance for optical fiber cables.

What are the production of shielding tubes for optical fibers cables?

There is no best choice for producing shielding tubes for optical fiber cables other than stainless steel strips.

We can easily make shieling tubes stainless steel strips in various thickness and width.

These optical fiber cables are mostly used for data transfer with high accuracy.

The primary purpose of shielding tubes is to ensure that data is transferred through the sensitive optical fibers with the most excellent possible protection.

The high-tech cables, which from the outside appear ordinary, must thoroughly protect their vital core.

For this purpose, stainless steel strips are ideal for reliably shielding optical fibers with functions.

What are the advantages of using stainless steel strips in the production of shielding tubes for optical fibers cables?

The main advantage of stainless steel strips for shielding tubes is outstanding protection.

Optical fiber Cable producers use stainless steel strips to construct and safeguard the cable’s sensitive optical fibers in the functional core.

The steel tube protects the fiber-optic strands during future production steps, such as sheathing with additional layers and the final laying of the optical cables. It also protects and seals the cable throughout its life.

Precision stainless steel strips best protect the optical fibers inside the undersea cables.

Stainless steel strips have excellent formability during the manufacturing process of shielding tubes for optical fiber cables.

The strength of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, and toughness, even at lightweight, which it maintains at very high and very low temperatures, are the key factors for its popularity.

Which grade stainless steel strip is used for the production of shielding tubes for optical fibers cables?

The most often used grade of material is 304 stainless steel strip, which is utilized to make shielding tubes for optical fiber cables because of its superior corrosion resistance durability and strength.

Most oxidizing acids won’t cause 304 to corrode.

Because of its durability, 304 is simple to sanitize, making it perfect for applications protecting tubing of fiber cables and high voltage applications.

The grade 316L stainless steel strip is used for submarine communication cables shielding tubes.

How to produce one roll stainless steel strip for the production of shielding tubes for optical fibers cables?

You will first need the necessary materials to make one roll of stainless steel strip for shielding tubes for optical cables.

The first step in this process is receiving and inspecting the stainless steel coils raw materials through quality assurance.

The rewinding procedure is the initial step in producing a single thin and precise roll. Rewinding equipment is required to check for defects that could lower the product’s quality.

Use a cold rolling mill to provide the stainless steel strip with an outstanding polish, flatness, and surface while also giving the roll the desired thickness.

We’ll employ the heat treatment method to change the strips’ structural composition. The strip will get greasy and unclean during rolling because of the oil and grease.

Degreasing is the process of cleaning up this waste. After rolling is complete, the strip’s thickness will range from 0.02mm to 1.0mm. Stretch bending straightening is necessary to maintain the straightness of this thin strip.

The slitting process involves using machines to cut the small strips for the slitting of stainless steel strips according to the customer’s requirements. The strips’ final thicknesses range from 0.02mm to 3.0mm.

The manufacture of optical fiber cable shielding tubes can now begin using the stainless steel strip roll.

How we deal with your optical fiber cable protection tube project?

We have experienced staff and the latest machinery to complete our optical fiber protection tube stainless steel strips projects quickly.

Feel free to ask any queries according to your project.

Our team guided you very well from material selection to finishing stainless steel strip product.


No doubt, optical fiber cables have been most commonly used in recent years.

The use of optical fiber cables is increasing daily, but it is necessary to protect these cables properly for safe and secure data transfer.

Therefore high quality stainless steel strips are the best choice for protecting these fiber cables.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of 304 stainless steel strips like excellent corrosion resistance, strength, durability, weldability, and outstanding performance at high temperatures.

These properties make the 304 stainless steel strips are the best choice for cylinder gaskets and rings production.

When in doubt, always seek the help from an expert. HZW is the leading stainless steel strips manufacturer in China, our team has tremendous experience in the stainless steel strip manufacturing industry and is always here to help you with your needs.

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