the meaning of letter h in 301 stainless steel strip

The Meaning Of Letter H In 301 Stainless Steel Strip

301 stainless steel strip’s hardness can be up to 600HV after precision production. Do you know the meaning of letter H in 301 stainless steel strip?

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301 stainless steel strip is the finished product based on 301 stainless steel mother coil material after cold rolling.

301 stainless steel strips are the extension products of ultra-thin 301 stainless steel plates, usually long and narrow stainless steel strips are manufactured to meet the demands of various industrial and mechanical areas.

301 stainless steel strip is also called 301 stainless steel strip coil or tape. The maximum width of its size shall not exceed 1220mm, but the length of coil is not limited.

According to the processing method, the stainless steel strips can be divided into cold-rolled stainless steel strips and hot-rolled stainless steel strips.

In China market, 301 stainless steel strips products are produced with many types width and thickness for different usage.

Thickness available: 0.02mm-3.0mm.

Width available: 2mm-600mm.

And the edge of the stainless steel strip will be slit and round types.

The thickness below 0.1mm, we call this strip is 301 stainless steel foil.

Features Of Grade 301 Stainless Steel Strip

301 is mainly to maintain a certain degree of hardness, while having a certain degree of mechanical processing performance.

For example: bending, flanging, etc.

Specifically, under the same hardness condition, 301 stainless steel strip has a higher elongation than 304 stainless steel strip.

In addition, in the manufacturing field, the high-hardness 301 stainless steel strip can achieve the tensile strength and yield strength that grade 304 can not reach, to ensure the material’s anti-deformation coefficient.

Applications Of Grade 301 Stainless Steel Strip

301 stainless steel is mainly used in cold working state to withstand higher loads, and it is hoped to reduce equipment weight and rust-free equipment parts.

In addition, this steel is prone to work hardening when impacted by an external force, which can absorb more impact energy, and will provide more reliable safety guarantees for equipment and personnel.

Due to the high strength and excellent corrosion resistance, quality grade 301 stainless steel strip is widely used for following applications.

  1. Precision Springs
  2. Fasteners
  3. Washers
  4. Zippers
  5. Clips
  6. Clamps
  7. Computer Parts
  8. Contacts
  9. Stampings of a wide variety of parts
  10. Other Precision Parts

The Meaning Of Letter H In 301 Stainless Steel Strip

“H” is the Japanese JIS G4313 cold-rolled stainless steel strip standard for springs production.

The H and mechanical properties detailed information of grade 301 stainless steel strip is summarized in the following table:

GradeStatusHardnessYield StrengthTensile StrengthElogation


1/4H 250-310≥470≥780≥25
1/2H 310-370≥510≥930≥18
FH 430-490≥1030≥1320≥4

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