the meaning of letter j in 201 stainless steel strip

The Meaning Of Letter J In 201 Stainless Steel Strip

201 stainless steel strip are made from many kinds of 201 grade mother coils. Do you know the meaning of letter J in 201 stainless steel strip?

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Since there is no unified standard, there are currently five grades of 201 stainless steel strips in China.

J1, J2, J3, J4 and J5 due to different compositions and application fields.

These Chinese-made 201 stainless steel strip includes more than 1% nickel contents. But international standard of Ni content is around 3.5%.

The biggest difference is the copper chemical content.

The higher the copper content, the more expensive the price.

Copper chemical content(%): J4>J1>J3>J2>J5;

Carbon chemical content(%): J5>J2>J3>J1>J4;

Hardness level: J2>J3>J1>J4;

Price level: J4>J1>J3>J5.

The carbon content of 201J1 stainless steel strip is slightly higher than that of 201J4 and the content of copper is lower than that of 201J4, and its processing performance is not as good as that of 201J4.

It is suitable for ordinary shallow deep drawing and deep drawing products with large angles, such as decorative panels, bathroom products, sinks, pipes, etc.

What Is 201J2 Stainless Steel Strip?

Due to the high hardness, the surface finish of the 201J2 stainless steel strip is more beautiful, and the surface treatment such as frosting, polishing and color plating are acceptable.

But the biggest problem is the bending problem, when bending the strip is easy to break, and the planing groove is easy to burst.

What Is 201J3 Stainless Steel Strip?

High carbon, low chromium and low copper, but due to its high carbon content and low copper content, the 201J3 material is slightly harder, so it is not suitable for bending with slightly higher strength.

Compared with 201J1 stainless steel material, the ductility is not so good, and it is easier to rust in the same environment.

In the narrow strips field, the emergence of 201J3 stainless steel
strip material is more developed to meet the demands of welded pipe manufacturers for corrosion resistance and low deformation requirements.

Because it can reduce the cost of raw materials for pipe production manufacturers, it is sought after by pipe manufacturers in the narrow strip field.

201J3 material is aslo suitable for decorative tubes.

In terms of decorative panels, simple processing is possible, but it is not possible with a little difficulty.

What Is 201J4 Stainless Steel Strip?

201J4 stainless steel strip is a higher-end variety in the “J” series, suitable for small angle types of deep drawn products.

Most of the products that require deep drawing and salt spray test will choose it.

Such as sinks, kitchen utensils, bathroom products, kettles, thermos cups, door hinges, pots, etc.

What Is 201J5 Stainless Steel Strip?

201J5 carbon is higher than other J series. And the hardness of material is much higher.

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