Why 201 Stainless Steel Strip For Banding Strap: The FAQ Guide

If you are sourcing 201 stainless steel strip for banding strap, it is important to have a full understanding of how to choose right 201 stainless steel strip from China.

This can heavily contribute towards the results that you will be able to get at the end of the day.

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Grade 201 stainless steel strip for banding strap has good yield and tensile strength properties to provide maximun clamping strength for different industry applications.

As you know, 201 stainless steel strip hardness is around 200HV. And 304 grade strip or 316 grade strip hardness is from 160HV to 190HV. So it is easily to check what grade hardness will be higher.

The banding strap, also used with banding buckles and strapping tools together, which is mainly made of 201 stainless steel strip material.

201 stainless steel banding strap is in a polishing bright surface finish, which offers good resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents.


In China market, all stainless steel banding strap products are produced with many types width and thickness for different usage.

Thickness available: 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm, 0.70mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm.

Width available: 6.35mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25.4mm, 31.8mm.

And the edge of the banding strap will be round safety for operators installation.

What Are The 201 Stainless Steel Banding Strap Applications?


According to the grade of their raw material of stainless steel, stainless steel banding strap can be divided into 201 stainless steel banding strap, 304 stainless steel banding strap, 316L stainless steel banding strap and 430 stainless steel banding strap, etc.

The 201 stainless steel banding strap can be used for bundle the steel pipes, metal tubes, cables, hydraulic hose, road signs, traffic lights, oil and gas industry, etc.

Especially in the environments where high resistance of oxidation is required.

What Are The Advantages Of 201 Stainless Steel Strip For Banding Strap?

Quality stainless steel strip for banding strap mainly includes 201 strip and 304 strip.

Compared with 304 stainless steel strip, 201 stainless steel strip has a slightly lower resistance of oxidation, but it is more suitable for banding strap production with a lower cost.

Because 201 material has lower nickel and chromium chemical components than 304 grade. So the rate of mother coils are very cheap in China market.

You can even find more trustworthy Chinese stainless steel coils suppliers from China B2B website, such as Alibaba, Made In China, Everychina.

After the special production process of continuous bright annealing and rolling, which can help achieve good strength and be suitable for banding strap manufacturing.

After the polishing bright process, 201 stainless steel strip can achieve more bright shiny finish.

How About The Stainless Steel Banding Strap Sea Packaging?

The standard sea packaging should provide strong protection to the packaged banding strap from any form of damage during the shipment.

For standard sea packaging of the banding strap, the wooden case and carton box are the two main types here.

In addition, the big and strength pallet will be used for placing the cartons boxes. It will help packaging more stable during the shipment.

After the packing process, clear labels or name plate are tagged on the outside of these packages for easy identification of banding strap products measurements and detailed information.


How To Produce One Roll 201 Stainless Steel Strip?

Our high quality grade 201 stainless steel strip is available in good performance as well as a variety of thickness choice, such as 0.4mm, 0.75mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm.

The good soft hardness of cold rolled 201 stainless steel strip we manufacture is about 190 HV.

Want to know the production process of 1 roll stainless steel strip?

How To Choose The Right Material Of 201 Stainless Steel Strip From China?

Whether you are a trading companies or a end user factory, choosing the 201 grade material can help bring you the maximum value of every banding project.

Two factors that cannot be ignored when manufacturing the banding straps.

They are application environment and material strength itself.

As you know, 316L stainless steel strip for banding strap is specialized for seaside cities or extreme corrosive environment, such as the chemical factory or oil and gas industry application.

201 stainless steel strip has good strength, high hardness, lower cost and good corrosion resistance.

So it is widely used for many banding strap production and applications.

What Can We Do For Your 201 Stainless Steel Banding Strap Project?

Choosing right material will bring you good benefits and advantages for your banding strap projects.

That said, our team would recommend using 201 stainless steel strip for banding strap when it comes to import from China markets.

We hope you got what you were looking for stainless steel banding straps materials from China.

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