aluminum strip round edge is so important for transformer winding

Why Aluminum Strip Round Edge Is So Important For Transformer Winding?

If you want good quality aluminum strips, you must choose the round edges and without bur aluminum strips.

Rounded edges aluminum strips are an outstanding choice for transformer windings industries. The slitting and edging machine is used for making round edges of aluminum strips.

It is necessary when aluminum strips are used for transformer windings. The edges of aluminum strips must be smooth and free of burrs, and when it has been slit, the width must fall within the required standard range.

If the edges of aluminum strips are not correctly rounded or clean, it creates difficulty in the transformer winding process and affects its working efficiency.

The aluminum strips’ surface for transformer winding is smooth and spotless, and corrosion, flaws, scratches, and patterning are not permitted. Aluminum strip slitting edges should be clean and free of burrs and fractures.

Aluminum strips are made with aluminum and its alloys.

The raw material used to create transformer windings is the aluminum strip with round edges created by rolling and cutting smelted aluminum ingot.

Aluminum strips are mostly used in transformer windings.

The transformer aluminum strips can be classified into several grades, standards, and tempers depending on their desired uses.

The grades are 1060 aluminum foil strip, 1050 aluminum foil strip, 1070 aluminum foil strip and 1350 aluminum foil strip.

The temper is O, which stands for a soft condition, followed by a number indicating both a hard or soft state and the degree of annealing.

The thickness of aluminum strips for transformers ranges from 0.08 mm to 3.0mm.

A pure aluminum strip is the best material for manufacturing transformers.

It is an important raw material for making transformer windings because of its excellent electrical conductivity, soft quality, smooth surface, and lack of burrs.

Aluminum alloys are also used for manufacturing aluminum strips for transformer windings.

Aluminum alloys are most popular for making aluminum strips, mostly used in dry-type transformers’ high- and low-voltage winding as a conductive materials.

Small volume, lightweight, superior insulation performance, no pollution, moisture-proof, and cheap maintenance costs are just a few of the benefits of using aluminum alloy strips for transformers.

Because of their unique features, aluminum transformers are frequently employed in high-rise structures, underground facilities, business hubs, residential areas, hotels, etc.

What are the types of aluminum strip edges for transformer winding?

There are four main types of aluminum strips edges for transformer winding:

  1. Round edges
  2. Strait edges with a chamfer
  3. Strait edges with a radius
  4. Strait edges with 90 angles

The aluminum strips with round edges are most commonly used in transformer windings.

Aluminum strips with rounded edges have a smooth surface, are free of defects and burrs, and are better than national standards.

The electrical conductivity for transformers complies with both national and industry standards.

Copper or aluminum strips are used in the design and construction of transformer windings.

However, transformers using round-edged aluminum strips for the winding have the advantages of being small size lightweight and having good insulation, flame retardant, non-polluting, resistant to partial discharge, smooth and reliable operation, minimal noise, and low maintenance costs.

Why aluminum strip round edge is so important for transformer winding?

The round-edge aluminum strips are free of burrs and imperfections; these strips play a vital role in performance of a transformer.

Round-edged aluminum strips are free of flaws that can affect the reliability, performance, or winding of well-made dry or wet transformers, such as dents, surface flaws, waviness, or scale.

Aluminum strips with round edges are frequently utilized as winding material in transformers, reactors, and mutual inductors.

It has strong corrosion resistance, good weldability, conductivity, and outstanding forming properties.

The aluminum strips used as winding material have no roughness on their round edges.

Aluminum strips used as winding material have their surfaces treated with surface atomization, which improves their brightness and cleanliness.

Benefits of the round-edge transformer aluminum strip?

The conductivity, burr edge, side bending, surface quality, and several technical requirements are very high for aluminum strips used in the production of dry-type transformers with round edges made from high-quality pure aluminum as the raw material.

Aluminum strips with rounded edges are also the primary material for manufacturing transformer windings.

Aluminum strips with round edges are commonly used in transformer winding these days.

Aluminum strips with rounded ends can be copper conductors in distribution transformers.

In many electrical transformers, aluminum strips and sheets in the proper strip widths and lengths have largely replaced wire.

There is a growing need for aluminum strips used in oil transformers.

Here are some outstanding benefits of round-edge aluminum strips:

  • These aluminum strips were annealed to high conductivity.
  • The slitting process of aluminum strips is carefully controlled to ensure round strips are free of stretch marks, burrs, roughness, and cracks.
  • Aluminum strips are free of flaws that can affect the reliability, performance, or winding of well-made dry or wet transformers, such as dents, surface flaws, waviness, or scale.
  • According to client requests, paper is interleaved between the layers of each aluminum coil.

How we performed the round edging process?

Edge conditioning is necessary for the aluminum strips to provide safe handling and processing since the edges on the slit metal coil can be sharp and harmful.

The method for removing the vertical burrs, nibble marks, or corrosion on the edges of a deburred metal item is known as edge rounding.

Accurate rounding of the edges of aluminum strips plays an essential role in the transformer winding.

Fabricators are employed by many shops to round off and deburr metal items using hand-held equipment. This method is time taking and utilizes more manpower.

Nowadays, advanced industries use automated machines for cutting and rounding the edges of aluminum strips, which can quickly round both sides and completely deburr them.


Aluminum strips with round edges are vital for transformer windings due to their excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, and surface quality.

So it is very important when purchasing aluminum foils for transformer winding to choose a reputable metal strip manufacturer to guarantee product quality and timely delivery.

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