stainless steel strips used for heat exchanger gaskets

Why Stainless Steel Strips Used For Heat Exchanger Gaskets?

Heat exchanger gaskets are made with stainless steel strips that are very durable, corrosion-resistant, and more reliable than others.

Heat exchanger gaskets are available in several forms; we can easily select one of them according to the type of heat exchanger or application.

A vital part of a flange assembly is the gasket. A gasket is a mechanical seal that covers the opening between two or more joining surfaces, often to stop leakage when pressure is applied to or from the joined items.

Gaskets are mostly used in tube-type and shell-type heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers generally use stainless steel jacketed gaskets with soft filler for extreme temperatures.

Depending on the heat exchanger’s design or use, heat exchanger gaskets come in a variety of shapes.

To describe the various types of heat exchanger gaskets, we will use the terms metal jacketed, cam profile, and plate.

We provide a wide selection of gaskets for a shell, tube, plate, and frame heat exchangers, which are frequently used in activities involving the production of steam and heating/cooling processes.

The gasket specified for usage in an exchanger is referred to as a heat exchanger gasket.

The composition or type of the gasket changes due to the exchanger’s work conditions.

Heat exchanger gaskets made of metallic and soft compressible materials are two types that are frequently employed.

Metallic gaskets are mostly made with stainless steel strips for their excellent strength and corrosion resistance properties.

These metallic gaskets can be found in a variety of designs, such as solid metal, single jacket, and double jacket.

Metal jacketed heat exchanger gaskets can also be ordered in standard or non-standard sizes and circular or non-circular shapes.

For all types of applications, gaskets come in a variety of designs.

What is a heat exchanger gasket?

The primary purpose of a gasket is to stop liquid and gas leaks between two or more components.

Since they can easily close the space between two or mating surfaces, these gaskets are frequently utilized in various assemblies.

They are helpful for a wide range of industrial applications because of their capacity to contain and withstand heavy compressive loads without leaking or breaking.

The heat exchangers need careful gasket care for proper safety and maximum performance.

It can be challenging to seal a heat exchanger; for this purpose, choosing a suitable material for gaskets is very important.

Gaskets for tube and shell exchangers are made from a flexible, elastic material that is sealed in metal to enhance mechanical strength.

Therefore the stainless steel strips are the perfect choice for a heat exchanger gasket due to their outstanding properties.

How stainless steel strips used in heat exchanger gaskets?

The gaskets used in heat exchangers often work in high-heat environments.

The heat exchanger’s function may be to cool or heat the system media.

There are many different heat exchangers, and the gaskets used for each should be suitable for the application.

The gaskets are manufactured for heat exchangers according to the temperature condition and the type of liquid or gas used in the heat exchangers.

Gaskets for heat exchangers can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

In the majority of cases, a 0.4 mm thick stainless steel strip or other metal alloy is used to create heat exchanger gaskets. It is possible to produce heat exchanger gaskets with or without bars.

With integrated bars, double-jacketed heat exchanger gaskets are made.

There is a radius between the bars and the internal diameter of the gaskets. On the other hand, crack issues in the radius area are resolved by using gaskets with welded bars.

Which grades stainless steel strips are used for heat exchanger gaskets?

Gaskets of heat exchangers cannot be only described by the material they are constructed out of because there are many materials available for heat exchanger gaskets.

However, because gasket materials are frequently pushed between two other surfaces, they are typically flexible.

The stainless steel strips are best for making metallic gaskets.

There are several grades of stainless steel according to their compositing the best grades of stainless steel for heat exchanger gaskets are AISI 304 stainless steel strips and AISI 304L stainless steel strips.

This alloy of stainless steel contains 18 % chromium and 8% nickel. Due to its superior corrosion resistance, low cost, and marketability, this material is primarily employed in the production of industrial heat exchanger gaskets. It can operate at a temperature of 760 C.

Advantages of stainless steel strips used in heat exchanger gaskets?

One of the key advantages of utilizing a gasket in heat exchangers is the ability to stop leaks.

You will prevent leaks between the interjoining surfaces with a gasket in place. Essentially, a gasket closes the space between two opposing sides.

To reduce unnecessary friction, it connects machine parts.

Stainless steel strips made gaskets for heat exchangers are in charge of limiting flange distortion, transmitting heat, minimizing torque loss for maximum efficiency, providing anti-stick qualities, and much more, in addition to sealing the mating surfaces tightly and withstanding environmental factors like temperature.

How we deal with your heat exchanger gaskets project?

We have the ability to provide you with the best quality heat exchanger gaskets raw materials.

We deal in all grades of stainless steel strips. We have experienced engineers and quality inspectors to keep track of your project from start to end and provide you with a quality product.


If you choose a suitable strip material and shape for your gaskets, the performance of your heat exchangers will be increased.

The stainless steel strip is ideal for making a heat exchanger gasket.

By using this raw material, you can easily increase the efficiency of your heat exchanger.

When in doubt, always seek the help from an expert. HZW is the leading stainless steel strips manufacturer in China, our team has tremendous experience in the stainless steel strip manufacturing industry and is always here to help you with your needs.

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