Connettore per saldatura a pacco batteria

What Is The Battery Pack Welding Connector?

Battery spot welders connect metal plates to the contact points (terminals) of the battery.

This process requires the battery spot welder to be carried out.

Solitamente, battery interconnects are made of pure nickel 201 strisce, ideally designed with bifurcations and protrusions, and then welded using parallel gap or step welding methods.

Why Pure Nickel Strip is The Most Important Material For Battery Pack Welding Connector?

The grade Nickel 200/201 striscia, which conforms to the ASTM standard.

It’s commercially pure (99.6% and higher) with good mechanical properties. It also has good spot welding properties and high tensile strength. So when use the pure nickel strip to make battery pack,the spot welding property is good.

As a leading China pure nickel strip foil for battery supplier, HZW manufactures and produces different thickness and width of pure nickel strip foil. HZW manufactured the pure nickel strips make excellent battery connectors because they have a low electrical resistance.

battery pack welding connector

Pure Nickel Strip for Battery Welding Chemical Compositions

Alloy GradeComposizione chimica(%)


  • Ni201/UNS N02201 (ASTM B 162) same as N4 (GB/T 2054).
  • Ni200/UNS N02200 (ASTM B 162) same as N6 (GB/T 2054).

Pure Nickel Strip for Battery Mechanical Properties

TemperareUTS0.2% YSAllungamentoRockwell BDurezza Vickers
Skin Hard52-6520-4530-4064-70110-126
1/4 Duro55-7025-5520-3570-80120-151
1/2 Duro60-8050-7515-2579-86148-171
3/4 Duro70-9065-855-1085-91168-193
Completamente difficile94-10390-10012≥93>203

Our company devoted to providing innovative service and complete solutions to the production of nickel strip for battery pack welding connector worldwide.

Vetrina del progetto

  • nome del prodotto: Pure Nickel Strip
  • Grado di materiale: Nichel 201
  • Standard: ASTM B162
  • Finitura superficiale: Finitura brillante riarrotolata (2h)
  • Specifica: 0.15mm*8mm*Coil
  • Quantità d'ordine: 2528Kg
  • Anno: 2023
  • Paese di consegna: Germania
  • Applicazione: For Lithium Battery

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