invar 36 nickel iron alloy

什么是殷钢 36 镍铁合金?

殷钢 36 是一种铁基镍合金 36 % 镍. 该材料的一个特点是其热膨胀系数低于 280°C 的居里温度.

在低于 -150°C 的温度下它保持几乎恒定的尺寸 (-238°F) 一直高达 260°C (500°F) 这对低温学至关重要.

殷钢 36 Nickel-iron alloy also referred to as the EN 1.3912 and UNS K93600 alloy.

殷钢 36 also has excellent mechanical properties and a low tendency to fatigue in cryogenic environment.

Fields of application are components that require both a high reliability and a high dimensional stability.

例如, 殷钢 36 is used for space equipment, clocks, valves in engines, bimetallic thermostats, optic and laser systems, and precision instruments.

Invar 36敏.35 平衡 0.2   

The mechanical properties of Invar 36 镍铁合金

合金牌号Tensile Strength Rm N/mm2屈服强度
RP0.2 N/mm2
A5 %
殷钢 3649024042≤200

Special Properties of Invar 36 镍铁合金

FeNi36 represents a nickel-iron alloy with a nickel content of 36%, exhibiting the lowest thermal expansion among all metals and alloys within the temperature range from room temperature to approximately 230°C.

This alloy, FeNi36, possesses ductility, excellent weldability, and machinability comparable to austenitic stainless steel. 尤其, it is resistant to stress corrosion cracking.

The average coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for FeNi36, spanning 20-100°C, is below 1.3 x 10-6°C-1. It has a Curie point at 230°C, and its density stands at 8.1 kg.m-3.

Uses And Applications of Invar 36 镍铁合金

  • Telecommunications
  • aeronautical and aerospace engineering
  • cryogenic engineering (liquefied natural gas tankers)
  • The measurement and control instruments work temperature lower than 200ºC, such as temperature regulating device
  • Film framework
  • Shadow mask
  • CRP components of the aviation industry temper die


殷钢 36 nickel-iron alloy plays a crucial part in so many of people’s household controls and office appliances.

Other applications for these special alloys are continuing to be found in industry for advanced electronic components, filters in mobile phone networks and even as tank membranes for massive liquefied natural gas transport ships.

考虑到这几个方面, 殷钢 36 nickel-iron alloy strip becomes a viable choice after hot and cold roleld and slitting processes similar to austenitic stainless steels strips.