top 10 aluminum and aluminum alloys manufacturers

Top 10 Trustworthy Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Manufacturers

Aluminum is the most widely used non-ferrous metal covering many industries for manufacturing electrical applications, aerospace components, construction components, and automotive spare parts.

Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, strength, formability, machinability, and weight lightness.

These properties make aluminum a top priority for industrial and domestic purposes.

Aluminum alloys are also very in demand these days because every aluminum alloy has its own specific properties that are used for a specific purpose.

That’s why aluminum and its alloys have carved a special place in modern industry.

There are many aluminum and aluminum alloy manufacturers all over the world to fulfill the huge demand for aluminum.

The top 10 predecessors are located in China, Russia, India, the United States of America, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Japan, Australia, and Iceland.

These top 10 trustworthy manufacturers are elaborated below in detail.

Company details

Chalco is a top-rank aluminum manufacturing industry in China and one of the world’s largest aluminum manufacturing industries. The company’s main office is in Beijing (the capital of China). As a national business technology center, the corporation has individually researched and developed numerous significant scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The products of Chalco aluminum include bauxite, alumina, fine alumina, and electrolytic aluminum. Aluminum Corporation of China Limited was established in China on September 10th, 2001. Chalco now has 39 subsidiaries, 18 of which are totally owned and 21 of which are controlled.

Main products and fields of unique features

Bauxite, coal mining, alumina refining, and primary aluminum smelting are some of Chalco’s core activities and products. Aluminum alloy products, carbon products, as well as other electrolytic aluminum products are manufactured in the Chalco aluminum manufacturing industry.

This company provides its products continually to the transportation, construction industry, and railways. Chalco also offers high-quality products to the military sector, which are used in special equipment, especially aerospace engineering.

2.UACJ Corporation

Company details

UACJ is the combination of the two top aluminum manufacturing industries, Sumitomo Light Metal and Furukawa-sky aluminum industries. This corporation was established in October 2013 and is situated in Japan.

Both enterprises have a long history of producing aluminum in Japan. Their combined yearly production for flat-rolled products surpassed 1 million tons, making UACJ a world-class company not only in Japan but all over the world.

UACJ Corporation’s headquarters are in Tokyo. The primary business items are the manufacture and sale of rolling products, casting products, forging products, and processed products of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Main products and fields of unique features

UACJ offers rolled, extruded, foil, cast, and forged aluminum goods, as well as finished and color-coated products. The automotive industry aims to enhance fuel consumption through lightweight body design. As a result, the use of aluminum has expanded. Because aluminum is lighter than both steel and copper, it is primarily employed in the high-temperature molding of vehicle bodies.


Company details

Rusal is a major Russian aluminum company headquartered in Moscow. The company manufactures and sells primary aluminum and other aluminum-related items. The corporation is active in bauxite mining and refining into alumina. Today, the corporation is one of the world’s major aluminum producers, with ten aluminum smelters, nine located in Russia and one in Sweden.

Main products and fields of unique features

The main products of Rusal include pure aluminum and aluminum-based alloys, alumina, foil, and packaging. Because renewable electricity accounts for 90% of the company’s aluminum production, it is a leader in low-carbon aluminum production. Rusal’s aluminum production power is supplied by clean and renewable hydropower, allowing the company to make low-carbon aluminum products.


Company details

Hindalco is an Indian aluminum manufacturing industry that is the world’s largest flat-rolled products manufacturer and aluminum recycler. It is one of the india’s largest aluminum producers. Aditya Birla Group’s metal flagship company is owned by Hindalco Industries Limited. Hindalco’s business now spans nine nations or territories outside of India.

Main products and fields of unique features

The aluminum section of the company includes everything from bauxite mining, coal mining, alumina refining, captive power plants, and aluminum smelting to downstream rolls.

Hindalco’s products serve a wide range of markets and suit a wide range of industrial and commercial requirements, including vehicle and transportation, electrical and electronic, building construction, medicines and packaging, and industrial applications.

5.Rio Tinto

Company details

Rio Tinto is a British metals and mining company that is a global leader in aluminum. Rio Tinto’s aluminum division is a subdivision of the world’s largest mining firm, Rio Tinto, which is headquartered in Montreal. The corporation operates 24 manufacturing facilities across the world. Rio Tinto is the world’s second-largest mining company, with a market capitalization of $52.3 billion US dollars.

Main products and fields of unique features

Rio Tinto has several mining and metal production operations. Slab ingot, extrusion billet, and forging billet are common products of this industry. Rio Tinto’s aluminum products are used in High-quality bauxite for global marine trade, sustainable aluminum for beverage packaging, and novel light alloys for the automotive industries.

6.Emirates Global Aluminum

Company details

Emirates Global Aluminum is situated in the United Arab Emirates. The corporation accounts for 4% of global aluminum output and over half of the aluminum manufactured within the Gulf Cooperation Council. With a total annual output of 2.34 million tons, Emirates Global Aluminum is a major manufacturer of ‘premium aluminum’ in the globe.

Main products and fields of unique features

Primary aluminum, bauxite, and solar aluminum are the three key types of outstanding aluminum products produced by this company. The products of Emirates Global Aluminum are mostly used in building materials, phones, and vehicle parts.


Company details

Alcoa is a global leader in manufacturing bauxite, alumina, and aluminum products, and its headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Alcoa boasts the world’s largest bauxite mining operations, a world-class alumina refining system, and an international network of aluminum manufacturing plants.

Main products and fields of unique features

Alcoa manufactures two main products, alumina, and bauxite, which are very famous all over the world for their outstanding quality. Alcoa’s products focus on environmental preservation, from mining to finished metal, and the majority of its aluminum product portfolio is fueled by renewable energy.


Company details

Hydro is a well-known aluminum and renewable energy corporation established in Norway. Hydro is active in all aluminum market areas, from basic metal production to recycling and recycling. It is one of the world’s most notable companies in manufacturing bauxite and alumina.

Main products and fields of unique features

Aluminum products manufactured by the company include recycled aluminum, bauxite and alumina, low-carbon aluminum, welded pipe, precision pipe, and electric poles. Hydro’s low-carbon aluminum is used to produce wind and solar power plants. & Hydro’s recycled aluminum makes optimal use of pre- and post-consumer scrap, and it is used to make a lower carbon footprint.


Company details

Vedanta Aluminum is one of India’s leading aluminum manufacturing industries. The company’s aluminum division is one of the world’s largest aluminum manufacturers. Vedanta Aluminum & Power Business is India’s leading producer of ‘green metal’ aluminum, which is the world’s second most important metal.

Main products and fields of unique features

The main products of Vedanta include low-carbon and ultra-low-carbon aluminum, primary casting alloys, wire rods, and plates. After China, India has the world’s second-highest capacity for aluminum manufacturing.

10.Century Aluminum Company

Company details

Jesse Gary is the President and CEO of Century Aluminum Company. This well-known aluminum manufacturing industry is situated in the United States. The corporation has three aluminum smelters in the United States.

Main products and fields of unique features

The major products of Century Aluminum Company include high-purity aluminum, aluminum ingots, natural aluminum, and primary casting aluminum alloys.

Century Aluminum Company is devoted to minimizing environmental effects and promoting the appropriate use of both energy and raw materials when manufacturing products.


There are many aluminum manufacturing industries all over the world.

Still, the demand for aluminum is increasing day by day due to outstanding properties like corrosion resistance, machinability, weldability, lightweight, and good strength.

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