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What Grades We Have!

201 stainless steel strip

201 Stainless Steel Strip

202 stainless steel strip

202 Stainless Steel Strip

304 stainless steel strip

304 Stainless Steel Strip

304l stainless steel strip

304L Stainless Steel Strip

301 stainless steel strip

301 Stainless Steel Strip

316l stainless steel strip

316L Stainless Steel Strip

310s stainless steel strip

310S Stainless Steel Strip

321 stainless steel strip

321 Stainless Steel Strip

316ti stainless steel strip

316Ti Stainless Steel Strip

317l stainless steel strip

317L Stainless Steel Strip

309s stainless steel strip

309S Stainless Steel Strip

347 stainless steel strip

347 Stainless Steel Strip

444 stainless steel strip

444 Stainless Steel Strip

17-7 ph stainless steel strip

17-7PH Stainless Steel Strip

2507 stainless steel strip

2507 Stainless Steel Strip

904l stainless steel strip

904L Stainless Steel Strip

grade uns n08904 stainless steel strip

UNS N08904 (904L) Stainless Steel Strip

2205 stainless steel strip

2205 Stainless Steel Strip

ASTM A240 UNS S32205 duplex stainless steel strips

ASTM A240 UNS S32205 Duplex Stainless Steel Strips

astm a240 uns s32750 super duplex stainless steel strip

ASTM A240 UNS S32750 Super Duplex Stainless Steel Strip

super ferritic uns s44660 stainless steel strip

Super Ferritic UNS S44660 Stainless Steel Strip

ferritic 443 stainless steel strip

Ferritic 443 Stainless Steel Strip

434 stainless steel strip

434 Stainless Steel Strip - EN 1.4113 DIN X6CrMo17-1 Strip

ph 15-7 mo stainless steel strip

PH 15-7 Mo Stainless Steel Strip - UNS S15700 Strip

ph13-8mo stainless steel strip

PH13-8Mo Stainless Steel Strip - 1.4534 UNS S13800 Strip

1.4122 stainless steel strip

EN 1.4122 Stainless Steel Strip - DIN X39CrMo17-1 Strip

1.4116 stainless steel strip

1.4116 Stainless Steel Strip - DIN X50CrMoV15 Strip

630 stainless steel strip

630 Stainless Steel Strip | 1.4542 Precipitation Hardening Strip

631 stainless steel strip

631 Stainless Steel Strip | 1.4568 Precipitation Hardening Strip

316lmod urea class stainless steel strip

316LMod Urea Class Stainless Steel Strip

840 stainless steel strip

840 Stainless Steel Strip

What Thickness We Have!

stainless steel strip 1mm thickness

Stainless Steel Strip 1mm Thickness

Stainless Steel Strip 2mm Thickness

Stainless Steel Strip 3mm Thickness

stainless steel strip 5mm thickness

Stainless Steel Strip 5mm Thickness

Optimized & Industry-ready Stainless Steel Strips Solutions

For All Your Complicated Needs

Stainless Steel Strips Have Many Good Features Such As High Hardness, Strong Toughness, Corrosion Resistance And Low Maintenance. So They Are Widely Used In Many Industries.

We build products that fulfill your needs. With over 16 years of manufacturing experience, and advanced production equipment support, the high quality stainless steel strips produced are of excellent performance and chosen by wise global users.

precision stainless steel strip solutions
precision stainless steel strip

Optimized & Industry-ready Stainless Steel Strips Solutions

For All Your Precision Demands

Precision stainless steel strip is a cold rolled strip made from high quality stainless steel coils.

The most common grades are 201, 301, 304 and 316L. The strip may be uncoated or coated with a surface finish that enhances its corrosion resistance properties. It is available in thicknesses from 0.02mm to 3.0mm.

Stainless Steel Strips Cut To Size Solutions

For All Your Precision Demands

To have stainless steel strips cut to size, you can either purchase pre-cut strips from a supplier or work with a fabricator who can cut the strips to your specific dimensions. It’s important to provide accurate measurements to ensure that the strips are cut to the correct size. HZW expert is here to help you all cutting solutions!

The most common grades are 301, 304, 316L, 2205, 904L and 254SMO. It is available in thicknesses from 0.05mm to 3.0mm, width from 10mm to 400mm.

stainless steel strips cut to size as sheets

Our Innovations

What Capabilities We Have!


When it comes to stainless steel foils manufacturing process from mother coils to the end products, here you can find complete solutions. The quality stainless steel foils that we produce are exceptionally flat, super thin, up to 600mm width, and manufactured to the tightest tolerances for end users precision demand usage.


Our company have precision twenty-high roll sendzimir mill calender.

It is equipped with shape control system and AGC system, which provides ultra thin strips with ±0.002mm precise thickness tolerance.


Japan made vertical type of bright annealing oven equipped with stat-of-the-art technology to assure consistent bright annealing properties and smooth surface quality.


Our advanced rolling machines make sure the precision bright rerolled finish of the stainless steel strips and foils. We can also help clients process other finish as requests.

Surface finish available: NO.1, 2B, 2H(Rerolled Bright), BA, No.4, 8K (Mirror), HL (Hairline), Polishing Bright, etc.


The edge of strip foils would be slitting precision and it can be produced as clients special requests. Processing thickness range is from 0.03mm to 3mm.

Edge types available: Mill Egde, Slit Edge, Deburred Edge, Round Edge, V Type Edge, etc.


Our company have professional team who can adopt developed packaging technology to assure no any damages of products during transportation.
Other special packaging will be designed as customer’s requests. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the strips measurements and quality information.

Stainless Steel Strips Specifications

  1. Thickness: 0.1mm-3.0mm
  2. Width: 1.0mm-600mm
  3. Edge: Slit/Deburred/Round
  4. Coil ID: 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm
  5. Surface Finish: NO.1, 2D, 2H, 2B, Polishing Bright, HL, NO.4, BA, 6K, 8K, Other finishes are available as customers’ request

What Can We Do For Your Projects

Stainless steel strips are widely used in the sectors of special requirements such as button battery, welding pipe, stainless steel flexible hose, stamping part, tact switch, engine gasket, spring gasket, gas filter lid, hypodermic needle and tower metal random packing components.


Stainless Steel Strips Surface Finish

Our engineers expert team can help you process quality surface finish as your requests.

Surface finish of strips coils available: NO.1, 2B, 2H(Rerolled Bright), BA, No.4, 8K (Mirror), HL (Hairline), Polishing Bright, etc.

stainless steel strips coils surface finish

Stainless Steel Strips Applications

what is stainless steel strips application

The stainless steel strips can be divided into austenitic grade, ferritic grade, martensitic grade, duplex grade, precipitation hardening grade and super austenitic grade.

Meanwhile, in a lot of supporting precision demands of electronics manufacturing and medical area, often used precision stainless steel foils.

  • Automobiles
  • Filter industries
  • Metal tower packing
  • Precision metal stamping
  • Constant spring, shrapnel, spring, retainer, pipe clamp, reed, zipper
  • Sheet for finished glasses, scraper, diamond inner-circle blade
  • Electronic stamping parts, mobile phone stampings
  • Cylinder liners, gasket rings, heat exchanger gaskets
  • Nameplate, electronic components and quality etched products
  • Heddles, metal dome
  • Stainless steel corrugated tube, flexible hoses, capillary tube, tube furnace, syringe needle and hypodermic needle
  • Buzzer, headset screen
  • And more…

What Are Stainless Steel Strips?

Stainless steel strips are the extension products of ultra-thin stainless steel plates, usually long and narrow stainless steel strips are manufactured to meet the demands of various industrial and mechanical areas.

Stainless steel strip is also called stainless steel strip coil. The maximum width of its size shall not exceed 1220mm, but the length of coil is not limited.

According to the processing method, the stainless steel strips can be divided into cold-rolled stainless steel strips and hot-rolled stainless steel strips.

Want to know more about what are stainless steel strips?

what are stainless steel strips

How Stainless Steel Strips Is Made?

Our high quality stainless steel strip is available in total annealed condition as well as a variety of hardness choice.

We welcome every order of yours that you need in small and large quantities.

Our factory is well-equipped with precision slitting machines and advanced 20-High SendZimir Mill that are able to mass produce your strips.

Our staff and precision machines are well-equipped with all the latest technology to give you the finest work and make sure you get the good-quality stainless steel strips within the planned deadlines.

Want to know how to produce 1 roll stainless steel strip in our factory? Check right production flow picture.

how to manufacture stainless steel strips

Stainless Steel Strips Videos Showcases

Stainless Steel Strips Edge Deburring Process

What Are Stainless Steel Strips Flatness And Straightness?

Call us any time or email us for more benefits to support your stainless steel strips projects.

Stainless Steel Strips Useful Guides

12 Factors Related Stainless Steel Strip Selection: Beginner’s Guide


What Are Stainless Steel Strips: Beginner’s Guide

what are stainless steel strips

In case you have any question, feel free to contact HZW team. Here HZW will help you in all your stainless steel strips solutions.

Stainless Steel Mother Coil Mechanical Property

Yield Strength
Rp0.2 (N/mm²)
Tensile Strength
Rm (N/mm²)
Elongation %

201ASTM A240
≥ 275
≥ 520
≥ 35
≤ 260
≤ 101
202ASTM A240
≥ 275≥ 520≥ 40≤ 218
≤ 95
301ASTM A240
≥ 205≥ 520≥ 40≤ 200≤ 90
304ASTM A240
≥ 205≥ 515
≥ 40≤ 210
≤ 92
304LASTM A240
≥ 205≥ 520
≥ 40≤ 200
≤ 90
≥ 177≥ 480
≥ 40≤ 200
≤ 90
≥ 205≥ 520
≥ 40≤ 200
≤ 90
≥ 205≥ 515
≥ 40≤ 218
≤ 95
≥ 205≥ 515≥ 40≤ 218≤ 95
≥ 205≥ 520
≥ 40≤ 200
≤ 90
≥ 205≥ 520
≥ 40≤ 200
≤ 90
≥ 205≥ 520
≥ 35≤ 200≤ 90
≥ 205≥ 440
≥ 20≤ 210
≤ 92
≥ 225≥ 540
≥ 18≤ 180
≤ 80
≥ 206≥ 450
≥ 22≤ 200
≤ 88
≥ 450≥ 620
≥ 25≤ 293
≤ 30
≥ 450≥ 620
≥ 25≤ 290
≤ 30
≥ 310≥ 600
≥ 40≤ 217
≤ 95
≥ 300≥ 650
≥ 35≤ 223
≤ 96
≥ 430≥ 750
≥ 40≤ 250
≤ 100
≥ 216≥ 490
≥ 35-
≤ 90
≥ 295≥ 650
≥ 35-
≤ 100
UNS S17400ASTM≥ 725≥ 930
≥ 10-

Stainless Steel Strip Production Tolerance






Q1.What Is Stainless Steel Strips Packaging?

  1. Standard Export Packaging;
  2. Waterproof Paper Winding+PVC Film+Strap Banding+Wooden Pallet or Wooden Case;
  3. Customized packaging as your request (Logo or other contents accepted to be printed on the packaging);
  4. Other special packaging will be designed as customer’s request;
  5. Eye to wall and eye to sky are both available;
  6. Shipping port: Shanghai, Ningbo or as your request.
6 stainless steel strips packaging questions

Q2.How To Purchase Stainless Steel Strips?

Stainless steel strip, also called stainless steel strip coil and strip stainless steel.

If you are the beginner buyer of stainless steel strips, you will be an expert through following guides.

We will show you how to explore China stainless steel market, ways of getting the best prices, how to find a most reliable Chinese supplier for your stainless steel strips project.

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Q3.What Is Stainless Steel Strip Surface Finish?

Stainless steel strip surface finish treatment is one of the major part in whole production.

Different surface finish of stainless steel strips will be used for different fields.

Customers can choose the corresponding surface finish according to their own usage of stainless steel strips.

If you are the beginner of this area, you can benefit from below blog.

And you will have full understanding on all surface finish treatment of stainless steel strip production.

Read More What Is Stainless Steel Strip Surface Treatment?

Q4.What Is MOQ Of Stainless Steel Strips?

If the mother coils are ready on stock, the MOQ will be less.

A4 paper sample size is workable.

If you need customized dimensions of stainless steel strips, the trial order MOQ is 1000kgs.

Q5.What Is The Delivery Time?

It depends on your stainless steel strips order total quantity and stock of these special alloy mother origin coils.

Usually from the start of the order to the completion of production is about 2-3 weeks.

Q6.How About Your QC Process?

Making sure 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer’s requirements.

We have advanced inspection equipment which can ensure the high quality of the finished stainless steel strips.

  • Checking the stainless steel raw material after they reach our factory- Incoming quality control.
  • Checking the details before the production line operated
  • Have full inspection and routing inspection during mass production-In process quality control
  • Checking the goods after they are produced- Final quality control
  • Checking the goods before shipment
  • At the same time, we will help take photos and shoot videos for you if you need. Every strip product will be fully and carefully tested before packing and shipping.

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Q7.Can You Help Provide The Samples Of Stainless Steel Strips?

We have powerful stock of many grades stainless steel strips.

If the your request samples are the same thickness in our stock, we will deliver A4 size sample or as your requirements by international express for free.

Q8.How To Find China Stainless Steel Strips Suppliers?

  • The easiest way to find your stainless steel strips suppliers in China is by searching “ [stainless steel strips]+suppliers In China.”
  • Your stainless steel strips suppliers should provide you the best solution of related applications as soon as possible.
  • Your stainless steel strips suppliers should provide competitive price and good service to support your projects.

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Q9.How About Your Stainless Steel Strips Production Process?

The stainless steel strips production has many factors and steps.

The precision production process will have the huge impact on finished stainless steel strips products quality, which also influences the buyer’s next purchasing decisions.

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