why aluminum foils used for transformer coil winding

Why Aluminum Foils Used For Transformer Coil Winding?

Aluminum foils have some outstanding properties like high electrical conductivity, soft texture and lightweight; due to these advantages, aluminum foils are used for transformer coil winding.

Aluminum foils are mostly utilized in oil-immersed and dry-type transformers.

By using the aluminum foils in the transformer winding, we can easily reduce the overall weight of the transformer.

Due to their good appearance, excellent corrosion resistance and high-quality electric conductivity, aluminum foils are vital materials in manufacturing transformers.

There are many advantages of aluminum foil transformer over the conventional wire type transformer, like operating capability at high temperatures, reduced weight and size, enhanced electrical efficiency, and improved reliability.

In the transformer industry, the aluminum foils are a very important material used in the transformer winding.

The transformer industry uses more aluminum foil strips due to advancements in science and technology.

In transformer coil winding, aluminum foils are used as the primary raw material. We can improve the performance of the transformer by using the aluminum foils in the transformer winding.

For transformer winding, the aluminum foils size ranges from 0.1mm to 3.0mm in thickness and from 10mm to 1370mm in width.

How aluminum foils used in transformer coil winding?

The aluminum foils should be well cleaned before being used for transformer winding to prevent dirt from getting inside after finishing the winding operation.

In transformers, aluminum foil can act as an electrical insulator. It is the perfect material for this operation because of its low resistance and effective heat conduction.

The transformer’s winding, which consists of a winding wire and a winding insulator, is an essential component of the transformer.

The primary function of the winding insulator is to create insulation between turns and winding wires used to carry the current.

Which grade aluminum foil is used for an oil-type distribution transformer?

1350 O is the best grade of aluminum foil used in oil-type distribution transformers as well as dry-type transformers.

There are two 1350 O aluminum foil categories for transformer winding: bare and coated.

In oil-immersed transformers, the bare type is mostly used as the winding material, and the coated type is generally used as the interlayer insulating material.

Important features of 1350 O aluminum foils:

  • Excellent flexibility and tensile strength make aluminum foil 1350 ideal for winding
  • This grade of aluminum foil has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Weld ability and good corrosion resistance
  • High thermal resistance and capability of withstanding at high temperature 130°C test

Why 1050 aluminum foil used for in transformer winding?

The 1050 aluminum foil is the most commonly used material for transformer winding. Due to its excellent properties, this grade of aluminum foil is widely used in transformers.

Thermal and electric conductivity is very high in 1050 aluminum foils. 1050 aluminum foils are frequently used as support materials to create transformer windings which can increase performance and decrease loss.

Generally, the thickness of 1050 aluminum foils for transformer winding ranges from 0.1mm to 3mm.

To reduce the leakage of magnetic fields and improve its insolation performance, we can use a single or double-layer structure of 1050 aluminum foils. Specifically wrapped on the coil, the transformer 1050 aluminum coils serve as a joining material for winding coils.

What is 1060 aluminum foil used for in transformer winding?

The 1060 aluminum foils are widely used in transformer winding in distribution and transmission projects.

These strips have 99.6% aluminum contents and are used for low and high-voltage electrical equipment.

Due to its performance, the requirements of 1060 aluminum foils are very high in electrical equipment industries.

The elongation of the aluminum coils 1060 used for transformer winding is exceptionally high. It should also be uniform and have strong crack resistance.

Increased flexibility, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity are all characteristics of the 1060 aluminum foils. However, they are less strong than other alloys.

The 1060 aluminum foils have good mechanical strength, resistance to deformation, ability to endure short circuit force, good electrical strength, uniform shock gradient voltage distribution, and ease of winding.

What is 1070 aluminum foil used for in transformer winding?

The 1070 aluminum is an aluminum-based alloy commercially pure, and foils of 1070 aluminum have excellent heat and electric conductivity.

These foils are mostly used in industries for transformer winding because they are recyclable.

As a result of its excellent shaping, welding, and corrosion resistance, 1070 transformer aluminum foil can meet the performance standards for aluminum foil for transformers.

Grade 1070 aluminum has over 99.97% contents of aluminum, and its conductivity is up to roughly 60%IACS.

Why do we use an aluminum foil strip for HV transformer winding?

The aluminum foils strips are used for high-voltage transformer with thickness and width ranges from 0.1mm to 3.0mm, and 10mm to 1370mm, respectively.

Generally, tempered aluminum alloy is used for HV transformers like 1060 O and 1070 O.

High-grade insulating foils are placed between aluminum foil strips. Mostly 1060 and 1070 alloys of aluminum are used to wind the high-voltage transformer windings.

The relatively high windings exhibit good ageing qualities under all operating conditions and corrosion-proof. For HV transformer windings, an aluminum foil strip provides a basic winding method with high electrical safety.

Advantages of aluminum foils in transformer coil winding

  • Aluminum foils are available in a variety of shapes we can easily make or slit as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Aluminum foils have good quality surface finish.
  • Aluminum foils have good thermal and electrical conductivity, which can help the transformer during working.
  • Due to its excellent tensile strength and flexibility, aluminum foil is frequently used in transformers.


After reading all the blog information about transformer coil winding, you must understand that aluminum foils are the best for transformer winding due to their outstanding properties.

We are best at making all kinds of aluminum foils and strips for transformer winding.

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