Is Stainless Steel Strip Suitable For Face Mask Production?

Stainless steel strip for face mask production? From this article, you will learn more knowledge of the face mask nose bridge clip functions and common material of it.

When it comes to face masks topics and solutions in 2020, the bending strip with a nose clip inside should be mentioned here.
It requires pressing the strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose with both hands to make the upper end of the face mask close to the bridge of the nose.

Then stretch the face mask downwards so that the mask does not leave wrinkles and better cover the nose and mouth of humans.


The masks can be bent according to individual physical characteristics, which can make it is in tight close contact with the corresponding part of the people’s face and fits their skin effectively to block dust, smoke, different viruses, etc.

To achieve a good mask function, and a stable shape that is not easily deformed, and to prevent the mask from loosening when worn.

What Is The Common Raw Material For Nose Bridge Clip Production

There are three common raw materials for making nose bridge clip: polyolefin polymer coating hot-dip galvanized finish stainless steel wire, plastic, and pure 1060 aluminum.

Stainless Steel Wire

A layer of polyolefin polymer raw material is coated on a stainless steel wire with a diameter of 0.45mm-0.55mm.

The principle of manufacturing is the same as that of cable and wire production and processing.

Stainless steel wires have high strength, anti-corrosion, soft finish, round edge and good formability advantages for manufacturing nose bridge clips.

Plastic Nose Strip

Plastic nose strip, it is made of polyolefin epoxy resin, which has the excellent characteristics of bending and deforming with external force like metal wire.

Losing external force without resilience, and maintaining the excellent characteristics and current appearance without changing.

However, the current production quantity is low, and the manufacturing cost is much higher than composite materials.

1060 Aluminum Strip


The mask’s nose bridge clip are produced with tempered 1060 aluminum strips.

The 1060 aluminum strip has high elongation, tensile strength and good formability advantages, which meets the requirements of conventional stamping and stretching processing for face masks’ nose bridge clip production.

The back side of the 1060 aluminum strip has hot melt glue, which can quickly bond with the protective face mask to improve productivity.

The surface is smooth, no burrs, and rounded oval corners.

Processing with stamping equipment enables mass production and high quality of nose bridge clip.

Why Is Not Stainless Steel Strip Used For

Let us think why stainless steel strips are not the good materials for them.

Because even we adopt precision processing technology, the thickness is not the problem.

But we have to face the real problem is that the minimum width of strip would be 1mm.

For one roll stainless steel strip production with 1mm width, the cost of it is very expensive.

Meanwhile, the mass production delivery time is very slow, for 1000 kgs cargo, we have to spend more than 20 working days.

Because it also need the round edge with polishing soft surface finish.

So we should suggest customers buying the stainless steel wire or 1060 soft aluminum material for face mask nose bridge clip project.


There are also some other details of face mask nose bridge clips, but the above-given aspect is the most important parts of your review.

It will help you to know more about why these materials can be used for face masks application.

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