For Stainless Steel Strip Production: How To Produce 1 Roll?

For stainless steel strip production process, here you will be able to get a clear understanding of how to manufacture it with precision excellence technology.

Stainless steel strip is also known as stainless steel strip coil, which is widely used in the sectors of special requirements such as button battery, welding pipe, stainless steel flexible hose, finned tube, stamping part, tact switch, engine gasket, spring, gas filter lid, power cable shield, clamp, injection needle and tower metal random packing pall ring components, etc.

And it is mainly added nickel and chromium contents for having the abilities of good formability and corrosion resistance for other industry applications.


The stainless steel strips can be divided into normal austenitic grade, ferritic grade, martensitic grade, duplex grade, precipitation hardening grade and super austenitic grade.

Meanwhile, in a lot of supporting precision demands of electronics manufacturing and medical area, often used precision stainless steel foils.

The Introduction Of 1 Roll Stainless Steel Strip Production Process

Before we share the production process of 1 roll stainless steel strip for you, you could get a quick glance for left video showcase.

Technical Analysis

Why we should mention this detail firstly?

For new customers, they should know how to buy steel strips products from suppliers.

During this business deal, customers should confirm all technical details of products with manufacturers together.

Meanwhile, suppliers should organize a related technical meeting to analyze technical issues before every strip new production.

It can help avoid more contract and after-sales problems between clients and factories, to a large extent, still is a good beginning.

Technical analysis includes products grade, production related standard, precision tolerance control, strip hardness, tension strength,slitting edges and special sea packaging details, etc.

Raw Material Preparation

We are working with many famous and advanced steel manufacturers worldwide.

Our procurement supply chain management department and systems strictly control the quality of each mother coil product.

The mill origin such as TISCO, JISCO, BAOWU, POSCO, OUTOKUMPU.

Checking the stainless steel coils raw materials after they reach our factory, it is called incoming quality control.

Checking details include products thickness tolerance, width of coil, outside packaging, label marks, inside surface finish, chemical components, etc.


Rolling And Bright Annealing Process

  1. The first time rolling process: Our workers operate the advanced mill calender to make the hot rolled stainless steel mother coil with a thickness of 2.0mm~3.0mm into a stainless steel strip coil with a thickness range of 0.2mm~1.0mm. The first time bright annealing process: The 0.2mm~1.0mm thickness stainless steel strip is processed for bright annealing treatment. The strip can be fast cooled by the the continuous annealing line. The traveling speed of the stainless steel strip on the line is around 60m~80m/min.
  2. The second time rolling process: After first time bright annealing process, continuing rolling the stainless steel strip with 0.2mm~1.0mm thickness into a new stainless steel strip with a thickness of 0.1mm~0.3mm.
  3. The third time rolling process: After second time bright annealing process, continuing rolling the stainless steel strip with 0.1mm~0.3mm thickness into a new stainless steel strip with a thickness of 0.06mm~0.15mm.
  4. The forth time rolling process: After third time bright annealing process, continuing rolling the stainless steel strip with 0.06mm~0.15mm thickness into a new stainless steel strip foil with a thickness of 0.02mm~0.1mm.

Degrease Cleaning Process

Cleaning the residual oil on the surface of the stainless steel strip due to the stains during the rolling process.

The principle is to use the chemical reaction (saponification reaction) between the alkaline agent and the grease on the surface of the steel strip to remove the grease.

The speed of the whole unit line is about 60meters/min, which can handle stainless steel strip with 0.02mm-1.0mm thickness.

Tension Straightening Process

When stainless steel strip is rolled on a 20-high rolling mill with a thickness of 0.02mm-0.8mm, it is a difficult-to-deform metal.

Defects formed when the reduction of half the width of the steel strip is slightly larger.

It behaves like a very wide unilateral wave. This wave has a very low amplitude and a very long wavelength.

The main reason is the poor “plate shape” of the metal coil plate or the asymmetry of the position of the middle roller.

The manifestation is that the edges of the steel strip are slightly bent, which is more obvious after slitting process.

Under the condition of complete softening and large tension leveling, the use of stretch bending straightening is the only method that can eliminate the stress of steel strip.

In this straightening process, the steel strip is stretched under a controllable tension.

In this process, the steel strip passes through a set of slightly offset rollers and bends, causing the steel strip to slightly stretch.

After straightening, the stress distribution in the entire steel strip is more uniform and the plate shape is more straight.

Even after slitting, blanking, stamping, forming and polishing, it always has this good feature.

Originally, the various “plate shape” defects discussed above are caused by uneven extension during rolling.

In the stretching and bending straightening process, additional tension is applied to the insufficiently deformed area to reduce the plate shape defects by more than 90%.

The tension leveler unit line is equipped with plate automatic control system.

The excellence control and management to production process assures the straightness of metal strip with variety hardness temper.

Slitting Process

For different thickness of strip coils slitting process, the small and large slitting machines will be used by our team. Our larger slitting machines can cut hot rolled mother coils from mill origin directly. Thickness is from 2mm to 6mm.

And meantime we use the small machines to cut the narrow strip coils as precision strips. Thickness is from 0.02mm to 1.0mm.

Our workers will make adjustments between coils and cutting tools when they are preparing to slit in order to minimize the burr of strips edge as much as possible.


Inspection Process

We have full inspection and routing inspection during metal strips mass production.

Checking the stainless steel strips after they are produced carefully.
The advanced inspection and measurement equipment will support every inspection process.

After all end products are finished, the quality control department deal with the following inspections, such as metallographic analysis, mechanical performance testing, straightness testing, plate shape, surface finish, thickness and width tolerances inspection.

Packaging Process

To a certain extent, exquisite standard sea packaging reflects one supplier‘s service. It greatly influences the client’s next purchasing plans.

One kind of packaging is called wooden pallet. And the fumigation wooden pallets and non-fumigation pallets are two kinds of pallets type.

Eye to eye or eye to wall types of packaging strips will be adopted before shipment.

The surface finish of metal strips will be packaged with waterproof paper. Then coating the PVC film on this paper.

After that, the banding strap will be used for fastening pallets and strips products.

Before placing the metal strips into the wooden case, the strips are packaged with perfect packaging.

Wooden case and four corners shall not be smaller than the outer diameter of the total strips.

In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of these sea standard packages for easy identification of these metal strips specifications and quality information.


Clearly, there are other factors to consider when we deal in the strip products production.

The precision production process will have the huge impact on finished products quality, which also influences the buyer’s purchasing decisions.

With a proper understanding of every concept in this article, you can easily get a full understanding of producing one roll of stainless steel strip coil.